1981 - 1982

SD0181:  Resolution on Faculty Senate Responsibilities  (EC 1)

SD0281:  Procedure for Approval of New Degree Programs and Tracks within Programs (EC 2) (Third Revision)


SD0481:  Physics Curriculum Revision  (APC 2)

SD0581:  Psychology Curriculum Revisions  (APC 3)

SD0681:  Economics Curriculum Revisions  (APC 4)

SD0781:  Communications Program  (APC 5) 

SD0881:  Communications Curriculum Revisions  (APC 6)

SD0981:  Research Council  (IDC 1) (Revision)

SD1081:  UNCA Mission Statement  (EC 3)

SD1181:  Addition of a course to Sociology Program  (APC 7)

SD1281:  Department of Sociology - Track in Criminal Justice  (APC 8)

SD1381:  Student Academic Grievances Policy  (APC 9)

SD1481:  Management Department - Miscellaneous Changes  (APC 10)

SD1581:  Biology Department Correlate Course Requirements  (APC 11)

SD1681:  Computer Science Listings and Additions  (APC 13)

SD1781:  Department of Philosophy Additions/Deletions (APC 14)

SD1881:  Engineering Program Description and New Courses  (APC 15)

SD1981:  Department of Sociology - New Courses  (APC 16)

SD2081:  Department of Art/Music - New Courses ( APC 18)

SD2181:  Department of Education - Change of Program Requirements and New Courses/Deletions  (APC 19)

SD2281:  Department of Political Science  (APC 20)

SD2381:  Atmospheric Sciences Program Concentrations/Weather Forecasting  (APC 12)

SD2481:  Mathematics Department Redefinition/Change of Major/Numbering of Courses/Additional Courses  (APC 21)

SD2581:  Department of Drama - Change in Requirements/Addition of Concentration - Course additions/deletions  (APC 22)

SD2681:  Environmental Studies Program - Track Descriptions/New Courses  (APC 23)

SD2781:  Department of Management - New Courses/Change in Pre-requisites / Alternative Demonstration in Competency  (APC 24)

SD2881:  Policy for Developing Transfer Agreements Between Accredited Two-Year Institutions and UNCA  (EC 4)

SD2981:  UNCA Student Academic Grievance Procedure  (APC 25) (Revised)

SD3081:  Scholarship Eligibility  (APC 27)

SD3181:  Humanities 414 Credit  (APC 28)

SD3281:  Unclassified Students  (APC 29)

SD3381:  Distinguished Teacher Award  (FWD 1) (Second Revision)

SD3481:  Resolution on Faculty Salaries to be Delivered to the Faculty Assembly  (FWD 2)

SD3581:  The UNCA Planning Council (EC 5)

SD3681:  Track in Weather Forecasting and Broadcasting  (APC 30)

SD3781:  Oxford '82 Summer Program  (APC 31)

SD3881:  Academic Minors  (APC 32)

SD3981:  Removal of Course Restriction  (APC 33)

SD4081:  Second Baccalaureate Degree  (APC 34)

SD4181:  Constitution of the Faculty Senate of UNCA  (EC 6)

SD4281:  Credit Hour Requirements  (APC 35)

SD4381:  Engr 100 - Introduction to Engineering (APC 36)

SD4481:  Joint Program with NC State in Forestry  (APC 26)

SD4581:  Request for Authorization to establish a New Degree Program in Music (BA/BS)  (APC #8)

SD4681:  Proposal for Replacement of F Grade  (APC 40)

SD4781:  Released Time (EC 7)

SD4881:  UNCA Course Numbering System  (APC 41)

SD4981:  Nonstandard Foreign Language Option  (APC 42)

SD5081:  Curriculum Changes for Atmospheric Sciences (APC 43)

SD5181:  Sociology Minor  (APC 44)

SD5281:  Psychology Minor  (APC 45)

SD5381:  Economics Minor  (APC 46)

SD5481:  Environmental Studies  (APC 47)

SD5581:  Change in Policy of Accepting D Grades for Transfer  (APC 48)

SD5681:  Philosophy Minor  (APC 50)

SD5781:  Atmospheric Sciences Minor  (APC 51)

SD5881:  Mathematics Minor  (APC 52)

SD5981:  Sociology: Program Concentration in Social Welfare  (APC 56)

SD6081:  Agreements Between UNCA and Two Year Institutions  (APC 39)

SD6181:  Physics Minor  (APC 53)

SD6281:  Chemistry Minor  (APC 54)

SD6381:  Political Science Minor  (APC 58)

SD6481:  Literature Minor  (APC 59)

SD6581:  Revisions in Literature Program  (APC 59A)

SD6781:  Minors in French, German, and Spanish  (APC 60)

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