1995 - 1996

SD0195F:  Oral Competency Requirement (APC 1)

SD0295F:  Oral Competency in the Major (APC 2)

SD0395F:  Oral Competency Requirement Addendum (APC 3)

SD0495F:  Change in recommendation process for emeritus status (FWDC 1)

SD0595F:  Clarification of Grievance Committee meeting guidelines (FWDC 2)

SD0695F:  Catalog changes in Literature and Language (APC 4)

SD0795F:  Catalog changes in Literature and Language (APC 5)

SD0895F:  Catalog changes in Literature and Language (APC 6)

SD0995F:  Catalog changes in Political Science (APC 7)

SD1095F:  Catalog changes in the Department of Mathematics (APC 8)

SD1195F:  Editorial Catalog changes (APC 9)

SD1295F:  Catalog changes in Literature and Language (APC 10)

SD1396S:  Catalog changes in French (APC 11)

SD1496S:  Catalog changes in Mass Communication (APC 12)

SD1596S:  Sunset Courses for 1995-96 (APC 13)

SD1696S:  Catalog changes in Art (APC 14)

SD1796S:  Catalog changes in Psychology (APC 15)

SD1896S:  Catalog changes in Chemistry (APC 16)

SD1996S:  Catalog changes in Literature and Language (APC 17)

SD2096S:  Catalog changes in Classics (APC 18)

SD2196S:  Catalog changes in Atmospheric Sciences (APC 19)

SD2296S:  Catalog Changes in Political Science (APC 20)

SD2396S:  Catalog Change in the Incomplete Policy (APC 21)

SD2496S:  Revision of Principles of Accounting Courses (Dept. Mgmt & Acct.) (APC 22)

SD2596S:  Changes in Minor Requirement (Dept. Mgmt & Acct.) (APC 23)

SD2696S:  Track Requirement Changes (Dept. Mgmt & Acct.) (APC 24)

SD2796S:  Changes and Deletions in Course Listings (Dept. Mgmt. & Acct.) (APC 25)

SD2896S:  New Course Additions (Dept. Mgmt. & Acct.) (APC 26)

SD2996S:  Oral Competency Requirement (Dept. Mgmt. & Acct.) (APC 27)

SD3096S:  Change in Industrial & Engineering Management (I&EM) (APC 28)

SD3196S:  Catalog Changes in Biology 499 (APC 29)

SD3296S:  Biology Prerequisites (APC 30)

SD3396S:  Catalog Changes in History (APC 31)

SD3496S:  Catalog Change for Second Baccalaureate Degree Requirements (APC 32)

SD3596S:  Revision of UNCA's Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest Policy (SD1393F) (FWDC 3)

SD3696S:  Catalog Changes in General Education and Health & Fitness (APC 33)

SD3796S:  Catalog Changes in Atmospheric Sciences (APC 34)

SD3896S:  Catalog Changes in Biology (APC 35)

SD3996S:  Catalog Changes in Drama (APC 36)

SD4096S:  Catalog Changes in Philosophy (APC 37)

SD4196S:  Catalog Changes in Sociology (APC 38)

SD4296S:  Catalog Changes in Computer Science (APC 39)

SD4396S:  Catalog and Other Changes Related to Academic Honesty (APC 40)

SD4496S:  Catalog Changes Related to Academic Honors (APC 41)

SD4596S:  Catalog Changes in Music (APC 42)

SD4696S:  Catalog Changes in Physics (APC 43)

SD4796S:  Catalog Changes in Economics (APC 44)

SD4896S:  Catalog Changes in German and Spanish (APC 45)

SD4996S:  Catalog Changes on Sexual Harassment (APC 46)

SD5096S:  Catalog and Other Changes Related to Disabilities (APC 47)

SD5196S:  Catalog Change in Environmental Studies (APC 48)

SD5296S:  Catalog Changes in Education (APC 49)

SD5396S:  Catalog Changes in Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate (APC 50)

SD5496S:  Catalog Changes in Health and Fitness (APC 51)

SD5596S:  Catalog Changes in Mass Communication (APC 52)

SD5696S:  Catalog Changes in Environmental Studies (APC 53)

SD5796S:  General Education Special Topics Course in Mathematics (APC 54)

SD5896S:  Catalog Changes for Attempted Hours and Withdrawal (APC 55)

SD5996S:  Alternate Schedule (APC 56)

SD6096S:  Sexual Harassment Policy (FWDC 4)

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