2011-12 Senate Documents


SD0111F:    Sense of the Senate Resolution: faculty representation on the Institutional Effectiveness Committee
                     (Revision of SD7411S)

SD0211F:    Standing Rules and Rules of Order (2011-12)

SD0311F:    Proposal to allow students to double major in Anthropology and Sociology  (APC 1)

SD0411F:    Sense of the Senate Resolution:  Quality Enhancement Draft (QEP) for our SACS re-accreditation 

SD0511F:    Clarification to Family and Medical Leave (Revision of SD4900S; Faculty Handbook  (FWDC 1)

SD0611F:    Proposal to amend Class Attendance Policy (APC 2 Revised)

SD0711F:    Add CHEM 132 as pre-requisite for ENVR 364 (APC 3)

SD0811F:    Change description for MLA 670, Scholarly Inquiry Seminar (APC 4)

SD0911F:    Change MCOM 201 from 4 hours to 3 hours; Reduce required hours for MCOM major and minor (APC 5)

SD1011F:    Change when Oral Competency will be tested for majors in French (APC 6)

SD1112S:    Proposal to establish the Library and Instructional Technology Committee as a Standing Committee
                     (Faculty Handbook 10.4.4)  (FWDC 6)

SD1212S   Supplemental Pay Policy (Faculty Handbook Section 2.9.4)  (FWDC 4)

SD1312S:    Proposal to Eliminate the Library, Information Resources & Technology Committee
Revision of SD5507S, SD07706F; Faculty Handbook 10.4.4)  (FWDC 5)

SD1412S:    Add Academic Credit for History International Baccalaureate Exam  (APC 7)

 SD1512S:   Add new course, HIST 309, History of the Old South;
                   Add new course, HIST 391, The History of the Atlantic World, 1492-1820  (APC 8)

SD1612S:    Add HIST 309 and 391 to list of elective options for Africana Studies minor (APC 9)     

SD1712S:    Restore HIST 349 to the catalog  (APC 10)

SD1812S:    Require Instructorís Permission to Register for HIST 250, The Historianís Craft  (APC 11)

SD1912S:    Delete ENVR /ATMS 331, Principles of Air Pollution;
                   Replace ENVR 331 with ENVR 381 in the elective options in Earth Science concentration (APC 12)

SD2012S:    Add new course, ENVR 312, Effects of Air Pollution on Ecosystems listing as an option for Ecology Concentration students  (APC 13)

SD2112S:    Add new courses, ENVR 311, 410, 411;
                   Add Mineral Processing as option for students in Earth Science Concentration in Environmental Studies  (APC 14)

SD2212S:    Add concentration in K-12 Health and Physical Education to the HWP major;
                   Add K-12 Health and Physical Education to licensure areas  (APC 16)

SD2312S   Academic Calendars: 2013-14, 2014-2015  (APC 15)

SD2412S:    Merit Categories for Annual Evaluation of Faculty (Faculty Handbook 3.4.3)  (FWDC 2)

SD2512S:    Annual Evaluation of Chairs and Program Directors (Faculty Handbook Sections 3.4.4; 3.3.4.; 3.3.5)  (FWDC 3)

SD2612S:    Proposal to establish the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) as a Standing Committee (Faculty Handbook Section 10.3)  (FWDC 7)

SD2712S:    Add new course, POLS 337, ReStorying Community (APC 17) 

SD2812S:    Change course description for MATH 366  (APC 18)   

SD2912S:    Delete MATH 341, renumbering it to MATH 441; Delete CSCI 381, renumbering it to CSCI 441  (APC 19)

SD3012S:    Delete MATH 352, renumbering it to MATH 452  (APC 20)   

SD3112S:   Changes to Concentration in Applied Mathematics  (APC 21)

SD3212S:   Add CSCI 182 as an option for the Computer Science Requirement in the Math major  (APC 22)

SD3312S:   Changes to Mathematics Minor  (APC 23)

SD3412S:   Change Criteria for Awarding Latin Honors  (APC 24)

SD3512S:   Reduce the credit hours for ATMS 205, Weather Analysis  (APC 25)

SD3612S:   Change course description and prerequisites for ATMS 405, Meteorological Statistics  (APC 26)

SD3712S:   Change the requirements for the Concentration in Weather Forecasting in Atmospheric Sciences  (APC 27)

SD3812S:   Change the requirements for the Concentration in Climatology  in Atmospheric Sciences  (APC 28)

SD3912S:   Change course descriptions for RELS 215 and 420; Change course title and description for RELS 387  (APC 29)

SD4012S:    Change course description and credit hours for RELS 313; Change course title, description, and credit hours for RELS 330  (APC 30)

SD4112S:    Add new courses, RELS 389 and 398  (APC 31)

SD4212S:    Change course description for RELS 490  (APC 32)

SD4312S:    Change the requirements for the major in Religious Studies  (APC 33)

SD4412S:    Change the requirements for the minor in Religious Studies  (APC 34)

SD4512S:    Deanís Evaluation of Program Directors  (Handbook (FWDC 8)

SD4612S:    Proposal to Establish the Inquiry Arc Advisory Committee as a Standing Committee (Handbook Section 10)(FWDC 9)

SD4712S:    Change LANG 260 from a 3- to a 4-hour course (APC 35)

SD4812S:    Add new course, LANG 498, Oral Presentation in Creative Writing (APC 36)

SD4912S:    Change LIT 324, American Literary Tradition from a 3- to a 4-hour course  (APC 37)

SD5012S:    Delete LIT 241. Replace with LIT 240. 
Delete LIT 242. Replace with LIT 329.
Delete LIT 354. Replace LIT 325.
                   Delete LIT 356. Replace with LIT 326.
                   Delete LIT 358 and LIT 360.  Replace them with LIT 328.  (APC 38)

SD5112S:    Add new courses to Literature: LIT 327, LIT 334, 335, 364, 369, 440, 492 (APC 39)

SD5212S:    Delete LIT 352 and LANG 323. Replace with LANG 352  (APC 40)

SD5312S:    Change requirements for the Concentration in Creative Writing (APC 41)

SD5412S:    Change requirements for English with Teaching Licensure
Change requirements for Creative Writing with Teacher Licensure (APC 42)

SD5512S:    Change narrative under Concentration in Literature
                   Change requirements for the Concentration in Literature (APC 43)

SD5612S:    Change requirements for Minor in Literature
                   Change requirements for Minor in Creative Writing (APC 44)

SD5712S:    Add new course, ART 338 (APC 45)

SD5812S:    Delete ART 328, The Photograph as Document  (APC 46)

SD5912S:    Change titles and course descriptions for ART 227 and 327;
                   Delete ART 427 and replace it with ART 337;
                   Delete ART 428 and replace it with ART 437  (APC 47)

SD6012S:    Add ART 227 as an option to ART 210 and 220 in B.A. requirements for Studio Art major  (APC 48)

SD6112S:    Add B. F.A. portfolio review of student work to determine continued enrollment in B.F.A.
                   Change description for ART 490-492 to reflect the inclusion of the portfolio review  (APC 49)

SD6212S:    Remove Intermedia as a concentration in the B. F. A. degree  (APC 50)

SD6312S:    Add new courses, AFST 334, 364, 433 (APC 51)

SD6412S:    Change course descriptions and/or credit hours for AFST 130, 330, 430, and Special Topics (APC 52)

SD6512S:    Change requirements for the Africana Studies Minor;
                   Add courses to the list of elective options for AFST minor (APC 53)

SD6612S:    Delete DRAM 123, 124, 210 and 314  (APC 54)

SD6712S:    Change descriptions for DRAM 105 and 106 (APC 55)

SD6812S:    Add new course, DRAM 145, Play Reading
                   Add new course, DRAM 223, The Visual Texts
                   Add new course, DRAM 318 Applied Theatre  (APC 56)

SD6912S:    Change credit hours for DRAM 490  (APC 57)

SD7012S:    Change title of DRAM 212; 
                   Change title of DRAM 415  (APC 58)

SD7112S:    Delete DRAM 102, Public Speaking
                   Replace with new course, DRAM 213, The Art of Public Speaking and Presentations (APC 59)

SD7212S:    Delete DRAM 103 and 104, Voice Production I and II;
                   Replace w/ new course, DRAM 113, The Expressive Voice and Body (APC 60)

SD7312S:    Delete DRAM 244 and 245, History of the Theatre I and II
                   Replace with new course, DRAM 240, Survey of Theatre History  (APC 61)

SD7412S:    Add new course, DRAM 346, Theatre History Investigations  (APC 62)

SD7512S:    Delete DRAM 317, Creative Drama for Teachers, Grades K-6;
                   Replace with new course, DRAM 319, Creative Drama  (APC 63)

SD7612S:    Delete DRAM 325, Costume Construction
                   Delete DRAM 331, Structural Design for the Stage
                   Delete DRAM 334, Stage Sound Application
                   Delete DRAM 336, Stage Lighting
                   Replace with new course, DRAM 324, Theatre Technology Investigations (APC 64)

SD7712S:    Delete DRAM 432, Scene Design
                   Delete DRAM 434, Stage Sound Design
                   Delete DRAM 437, Lighting Design
                   Delete DRAM 440, Costume Design
                   Replace with new course, DRAM 425, Design Investigations  (APC 65)

SD7812S:    Delete DRAM 362, Principles of Directing I; 
                   Replace with new course, DRAM 316, Directing for the Stage
                   Delete DRAM 462, Principles of Directing II; 
                   Replace with new course, DRAM 416, Directing Investigations  (APC 66)

SD7912S:    Change narrative description for Drama
                   Change major requirements for Drama
                   Change minor requirements for Drama  (APC 67)

SD8012S:    Change the narrative for Economics;
                   Change General Economics to Major in Economics and edit text for major requirements;
                   Delete the following concentrations in Economics:
                            Concentration in Environmental Economics
                            Concentration in International Economics
Concentration in Monetary Economics and Finance  (APC 68)

SD8112S:    Minimum hours in residence required for a degree  (APC 96)

SD8212S:    Clarification of Post-Tenure Review Procedures (Faculty Handbook (FWDC 10)

SD8312S:   Change in Membership of University Planning Council (Faculty Handbook 10.1.1) (IDC 1)

SD8412S:   Change course descriptions and reduce credit hours for ACCT 301 and 302;
                  Change course description for ACCT 416  (APC 69)

SD8512S:   Delete ACCT 319 and replace it with ACCT 321 and 322 (APC 70)

SD8612S:   Add new course, ACCT 200 (APC 71)
                  Add new courses, ACCT 341 and 411 (APC 72)
                  (APC 71 and APC 72 have been combined to agree with Senate minutes)

SD8712S:   Change prerequisites for ACCT 320 and 340 (APC 73)

SD8812S:   Delete ACCT 330 and ACCT 412 (APC 74)

SD8912S:   Delete MGMT 325, 341, 381, 384, 482, 492 (APC 75)

SD9012S:   Add new courses, MGMT 343 and 361 (APC 76)

SD9112S:   Add new course, MGMT 201 (APC 77)

SD9212S:   Change description of MGMT 480; Add new course, MGMT 483
Delete MGMT 491; replace with MGMT 484 (APC 78)

SD9312S:   Change the title and course description for MGMT 489 (APC 79)

SD9412S:   Change prerequisite for MGMT 465 (APC 80)

SD9512S:   Change prerequisites for MGMT courses (APC 81)

SD9612S:   Change description for Accounting major; Change requirements for Accounting major;
Remove Accounting concentrations (APC 82)

SD9712S:   Change requirements for the Accounting Minor (APC 83)

SD9812S:   Change requirements for declaring a Major in Management (APC 84)

SD9912S:   Change requirements for major in Management; Change courses within Management concentrations (APC 85)

SD10012S:   Add new course, EDUC 352, Introduction to West African Education;
Add the course as an elective option in the Africana Studies minor (APC 86)

SD10112S:   Add new course, EDUC 346; Add EDUC 346 to 6-9, 9-12 and K-12 licensure requirements;
                    Remove PSYC 100 from list of required courses for 6-9, 9-12 and K-12 licensure (APC 87)

SD10212S:   Add new course, ANTH 380, Zen Anthropology (APC 92)

SD10312S:   Change course descriptions for SPAN 110 and 120 (APC 93)

SD10412S:   Add new course, SPAN 130, Spanish for Advanced Beginners (APC 94)

SD10512S:   Add SPAN 130 to the list of courses that will fulfill the Foreign Language requirement.
                    Adjust the number of required hours for Foreign Language (APC 95)

SD10612S:   Remove EDUC 456 as an option for competency in Biology for teacher licensure students;
                    Remove PHYS 131 as an option for upper-level Biology course in Concentration in General Biology for non-licensure students;
                    Edit requirements for Biology with Teacher Licensure (APC 97)

SD10712S:   Change in prerequisites for PSYC 319 (APC 88)

SD10812S:   Change course description for ARTH 484, Senior Research Seminar I to address oral and computer competencies (APC 89)

SD10912S:   Change course description for NM/CSCI 310 and NM/CSCI 410 (APC 91)

SD11012S:   Sense of the Senate Resolution (re: SACS)

SD11112S:   Replacing Guiding Concepts with the Strategic Plan (Revision to SD3201S) (Faculty Handbook 1.3.3) (FWDC 12)

SD11212S:   Defining Departments and Programs (Faculty Handbook (FWDC 13)

SD11312S:   Preface to the Faculty Handbook (Faculty Handbook 0.0)

SD11412S:   Change the Withdrawal Policy; 
                    Revise the entry under Academic Load (APC 98)

SD11512S:   Delete INTS 325, 345, 350 (APC 99)

SD11612S:   Add new Asian Studies courses: ASIA 100, 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, 302, 303, 304 (APC 101)

SD11712S:   Revisions to Asian Studies Minor description;
                    Addition of courses to list of Asian Studies minor electives (APC 102)