2010-11 Senate Documents


SD0110F:    Sunsetting Courses (APC 83)

SD0210F:    Standing Rules and Rules of Order

SD0310F:    Sense of the Senate Resolution re: FWDC's response to Senate mandate regarding electronic student rating of instruction (re: FWDC 2)

SD0410F:    Editorial corrections to the Faculty Handbook (FWDC 1)

SD0510F:    Absence from Class Policy (Revision of SD2002S) (Handbook (APC 1)

SD0610F:    Sense of the Senate Resolution on Academic Freedom

SD0710F:    Revision to Procedures for Faculty Grievance
                    (SD4089S, SD4189S; Faculty Handbook Sections 3.6, 14.2) (FWDC 3)

SD0810F:    Sense of the Senate Resolution on Externally Generated Initiatives

SD0911S:    Remove Computer Competency from ACCT 340 and MGMT 491 (APC 2)

SD1011S:    Change HIST 250 from 2 to 3 Credit Hours (APC 3)

SD1111S:    Change course description for MLA 500 (APC 4)

SD1211S:    Add new course, ATMS 355, Physical Oceanography (APC 5)

SD1311S:    Add new course, ATMS 325, Geographic Information Systems in Meteorology (APC 6)

SD1411S:    Add new course, ATMS 328, Broadcast Meteorology (APC 7)

SD1511S:    Change in Academic Policy for Permission to Take a Course as a Visitor at Another Institution  (APC 8)

SD1611S:    Delete HIST 346; Add new course, HIST 347, History of Ireland (APC 9)

SD1711S:    Change title and course description for HIST 348 (APC 10)

SD1811S:    Creation of Community Engaged Scholar Distinction for Graduating Students (APC 11)

SD1911S:    Change in the description of the Key Center for Community Citizenship and Service Learning; Formalize the designation of Service-Learning Courses (APC 12)

SD2011S:    Delete  CSCI 142 (APC 13)

SD2111S:    Delete CSCI 201; Add new courses, CSCI 181 and CSCI 182 (APC 14)

SD2211S:    Changes to required courses for CSCI major and minor (APC 15)

SD2311S:    Replace CSCI 244 with CSCI 185 (APC 16)

SD2411S:    Change prerequisites in the course descriptions for CSCI 202, 255, 310, 344 (APC 17)

SD2511S:    Editorial changes resulting from changes to CSCI courses (APC 18)

SD2611S:     Revision to Reassigned Time for First-time MLA Teaching (Faculty Handbook  (FWDC 4)

SD2711S:    Clarification to Post-Tenure Review Procedures (Revision of SD0709F, Faculty Handbook 3.7)  (FWDC 5)

SD2811S:    Removal of Administrative Withdrawal of Students who have not Fulfilled Prerequisites (Faculty Handbook (Revision of SD0589F) (FWDC 6)

SD2911S:    Proposal to Establish the Key Center Advisory Committee as a Standing Committee (FWDC 7)

SD3011S:    Editorial Changes to Section 2 of the Faculty Handbook (FWDC 8)

SD3111S:    Editorial Changes to Section 3 of the Faculty Handbook (FWDC 9)

SD3211S:    Change the grading on EDUC 211 to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (APC 19)

SD3311S:     Changes to the 9-12 Social Studies Licensure Program (APC 20)

SD3411S:    Change titles and descriptions for EDUC 317, 322, 325, 340, 344, 388 (APC 21)

SD3511S:    Add EDUC 215, 219, 220 and 326 (APC 22)

SD3611S:    Delete EDUC 318 and EDUC 345 (APC 23)

SD3711S:    Editorial Changes to K-6 Licensure Program (APC 24)

SD3811S:    Replace EDUC 314 with EDUC 320 for K-12 Art Licensure (APC 25)

SD3911S:    Change required Art courses for Art with Teacher Licensure (APC 26)

SD4011S:    Changes to Language Arts and Social Studies requirements for Middle School Licensure (APC 27)

SD4111S:    Add ART 401, B.A. Seminar II; Change title of ART 400 to reflect addition of new course;
                   Add ART 401 to required courses for B.A. in Studio Art and Teacher Licensure;
                   Replace ART 400 with 401 as the course that satisfies competency requirements for B.A. Art students (APC 28)

SD4211S:    Reduce the number of required hours for the B.F.A. in Art (APC 29)

SD4311S:    Change LS 479 from 3 credit hours to 4 (APC 30)

SD4411S:    Change oral and computer competencies in Art History from ARTH 480 to ARTH 484, Senior Research Seminar I (APC 31)

SD4511S:    Allow total of 8 units to count for Studio Art minor for the Art History concentration and adjust required courses (APC 32)

SD4611S:    Replace PHYS 402 with PHYS 310 in course requirement for Physics with Teacher Licensure (APC 33)

SD4711S:    Adding concentration in Physics with Comprehensive Science Licensure (APC 34)

SD4811S:    Add new course, ANTH 338, Anthropology of the ‘New’ Old Europe (APC 35)

SD4911S:    Add new course, MMAS 144 (APC 37)

SD5011S:    Renumber MMAS 342 to 242 (APC 38)

SD5111S:    Change prerequisites for MMAS 222, 322, 450 (APC 39)

SD5211S:    Delete the Foundation, and Aesthetics and Social Awareness areas in MMAS (APC 40)

SD5311S:    Add STAT 185 as an option for the Math requirement in MMAS (APC 41)

SD5411S:    Remove CSCI 344 and MMAS 332 as options in the Interactive Design emphasis area in MMAS;
                   Remove VMP 207 and 209 as options in the Video Art and Design emphasis area in MMAS (APC 42)

SD5511S:    Change to Major and Minor requirements in MMAS (APC 43)

SD5611S:    Add new course, MCOM 387, Issues in Film Study;
                   Add new course, MCOM 497, Senior Seminar for Commercial Media (APC 44)

SD5711S:    Delete MCOM 345 and replace with MCOM 346;
                   Change title, credit hours and prerequisites for MCOM/LANG 367 (APC 45)

SD5811S:    Change title, credit hours, and prerequisites for MCOM 327, 329;
                   Change titles, credit hours and descriptions, for MCOM 351, 353 (APC 46)

SD5911S:    Add new workshops for Commercial Media, MCOM 302 and 304 (APC 47)

SD6011S:    Delete MCOM 311;
                   Add S/U grading and allow for repeats in MCOM 301;
                   Change title and description for MCOM 313 (APC 48)

SD6111S:    Delete VMP 305; Add repeat option for VMP 303; Change title and description for VMP 307 (APC 49)

SD6211S:    Change credit hours and prerequisites for MCOM 341, 369, 421, 483, 498 (APC 50)

SD6311S:    Change credit hours and prerequisites for VMP 331, 359, 385, 437, 493 (APC 51)

SD6411S:    Change core requirements for Mass Communication Majors (APC 52)

SD6511S:    Change Concentration Requirements for Mass Communication Major (APC 53)

SD6611S:    Change Requirements for Mass Communication Minor (APC 54)

SD6711S:    Changes in Mass Communication Program Description (APC 55)

SD6811S:    Delete VMP 207 and 209; Add/reinstate VMP205 (APC 56)

SD6911S:    Delete MCOM 384, Contemporary Views of American Media;
                   Delete VMP 333, Broadcast Workshop;
                   Delete VMP 439, Media Production Techniques;
                   Delete VMP 485, Advanced Screenwriting (APC 57)

SD7011S:    Delete Concentration in Communication Research in Mass Communication (APC 58)

SD7111S:    Change requirements for declaring a major in Mass Communication (APC 59)

SD7211S:    Change the name of Multimedia Arts and Sciences to New Media (APC 36)

SD7311S:    Reporting Substantive Curricular Changes to SACS (Faculty Handbook 5.4.2) (FWDC 10)

SD7411S:    Sense of the Senate Resolution: Faculty Representation on Institutional Effectiveness Committee

SD7511S:    Removal of the 8-hour limit for repeating music ensemble courses (APC 71)

SD7611S:     IST: Change requirements for International Studies Concentration  (APC 60)

SD7711S:    Change description for INTS 365  (APC 61)

SD7811S:    Change Requirements for the Asian Studies Minor  (APC 62)

SD7911S:     Add new course, CHEM 109, The Food of Chemistry  (APC 63)

SD8011S:    Delete CHEM 144, 234, 235 and 415; Adjust major requirements based on deletion of CHEM 415  (APC 64)

SD8111S:    Remove MATH 365 as a required course in B.S. Concentration in Chemistry  (APC 65)

SD8211S:    Remove CHEM 428 & 435 from requirements for B.S. Concentration in Biochemistry, & add CHEM 413  (APC 66)

SD8311S:    Replace CHEM 435 with CHEM 437 in requirements for B.A. Concentration in Biochemistry  (APC 67)

SD8411S:    Change requirements for declaring a Major in Chemistry  (APC 68)

SD8511S:    Replace CHEM 234 with CHEM 231 as a requirement for the minor in Chemistry  (APC 69)

SD8611S:    List CHEM courses students may not use as upper-level electives in the B.S. Concentration in Chemistry of the Environment, and the B.A. Concentration in Chemistry  (APC 70)

SD8711S:    Change course descriptions for ART 112, 212, 303  (APC 72)

SD8811S   Add new course, ART 403, Drawing IV  (APC 73)

SD8911S:    Add new sculpture courses, ART 250 and ART 350  (APC 74)

SD9011S:    Change descriptions for ART 240, 340, 440  (APC 75)

SD9111S:    Renumber PSYC 308 to PSYC 208, changing description;
                   Renumber PSYC 317 to PSYC 214, reducing credit hours and changing description;

                   Renumber PSYC 390 to PSYC 290, changing description (APC 76)

SD9211S:   Renumber PSYC 225 to PSYC 324, changing description  (APC 77)

SD9311S:   Add 1-hour laboratory component to PSYC 321, 327, 333, 344, 368;
                  Change course numbers to 362, 329, 334, 342, 366 respectively  (APC 78)

SD9411S:   Delete PSYC 463 from curriculum  (APC 79)

SD9511S:   Change descriptions, prerequisites, and/or semesters offered for PSYC 307, 310, 312, 332, 345  (APC 80)

SD9611S:   Change Requirements for Major in Psychology  (APC 81)

SD9711S:   Change Requirements for the Minor in Psychology  (APC 82)

SD9811S:   Change narrative description of Psychology major  (APC 84)

SD9991S:   Change description of Psychology with Teacher Licensure  (APC 85)

SD10011S:   Remove Anthropology as a concentration in the major of Sociology;
                    Add major in Anthropology; 
                    Add major in Anthropology w/concentration in Teacher Licensure;
                    Update requirements for declaring a major in ANTH or SOC;
                    Clarify the requirements for the minor in both Anthropology and Sociology when the student majors in the other area   (APC 86)

SD10111S:   Sunsetting Courses  (APC 87)

SD10211S:   Increase credit hours available for Special Topics Courses in Language (LANG) and Literature (LIT)  (APC 88)

SD10311S:  Change the Number of Topical Clusters in which ENVR 130 can be Included (Revision of SD1704S)  (APC 89)