Senate Document Number†† 8711S


Date of Senate Approval†††† 04/28/11


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document 72: †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Change course descriptions for ART 112, 212, 303


Effective Date: Fall 2011


1. Delete: †††††††††† On page 69, the description for ART 112, Drawing I:


An introductory level course in observational drawing utilizing inanimate objects. The

course covers the basic concepts, techniques and media used in the creation of precise

and spontaneous representational drawings. Prerequisite: ART 110 or 111. Fall and Spring.


††† Add:††††††††††††††† On page 69, in place of deleted entry:


An introductory level drawing course that focuses on observational drawing. Black & white drawing media will be utilized while in-depth studies on various sighting techniques, value structure & composition are realized through a variety of subject matter including still life, interiors & introductory forms that relate to the figure.†† Pre- or corequisite: ART 110 or 111. Fall and Spring.

2.††† Delete:†††††††† On page 70, the description for ART 212, Drawing II:


Continuation of drawing beyond the basic elements in ART 112. Exploration of diverse

media, incorporating color. Work includes studio time, independent drawings and a

series. Prerequisites: ART 110, 111, 112, 113. See department chair.


††† Add:††††††††††††††† On page 70, in place of deleted entry:


Through exploration of diverse media including the incorporation of color, students are expected to explore personal artistic vision as they refine intent of mark.While primarily using the figure and its environment as subject matter, students will explore associative, expressive and metaphoric responses in a series of carefully observed perceptual drawings. Research in the area of contemporary artists and writings, specifically as it deals with drawing will inform studentsí own visual expression as it relates to the drawing major. This course is a requirement for drawing majors. Prerequisites: ART 110, 111, 112, 113.Fall and Spring.


3.††† Delete: ††††††† On page 71, the description for ART 303, Drawing III:


Expanding the drawing experience beyond the traditional methods of graphite on paper

to include more experimental approaches. Students will be expected to address the idea

of content as it relates to developing a personal direction with their work. Prerequisite:

ART 212. See department chair.


Add:††† ††††††††††††††† On page 71, in place of deleted entry:


Students will expand the drawing experience beyond traditional methods and media, experimenting with both known and invented processes. Assignments will assist students in defining and developing cohesive bodies of work. Emphasis will also be placed on student engagement with contemporary drawing practices. This course is a requirement for students concentrating in drawing.Prerequisite: ART 212.Fall and Spring.



There will be no impact in regards to additional studio space/equipment in that we will be offering the same number of sections in drawing as we are offering now.Instructional staffing will remain the same since additional sections are not required.



With the inception of the departmentís new Applied Media Program I & II (AMP 110, 111), the medium of drawing is introduced earlier in the studentsí education and currently provides room for the drawing practice to be explored in other ways than the conventional observational method.These changes require updated course descriptions which reflect these curricular changes.