Senate Document Number    8911S


Date of Senate Approval      04/28/11


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:



APC Document 74:                          Add new sculpture courses, ART 250 and ART 350


Effective Date:  Fall 2011



1.    Add:              On page 71, new course, ART 250, Sculpture and Extended Media (3)


Investigates and utilizes current sculpture mediums such as video, sound, electronics, wearable art and installation techniques towards the crafting of individual artistic expression. Course will include use of HD video cameras, projectors, digital sound recorders, and micro-controllers with all applicable software. Course will involve readings, discussions, projects, written responses and oral critiques of projects. Prerequisite: ART 240 or permission of instructor. Fall or Spring.




2.    Add:              On page 72, new course, ART 350, Contemporary Sculpture Methods (3)


In-depth exploration of current trends and developments in Sculpture within the last fifty years.  Topic areas will include contemporary art practices such as New Genre, Intervention, Social Practice, Public Art, Land Art, and Art and Ecology. Course may include additional activities ranging from class trips to end-of-semester exhibitions. Readings, discussions, and projects with written and oral critiques of work required. May be repeated as content varies for a total of 6 hours credit. Open to all majors. Prerequisite: ART 340 or permission of instructor. Fall or Spring.




With last year’s revamping of facilities and new hiring in the 3-D area, the facilities are now fully capable of covering the curriculum outlined in both the current and new course offerings, so there will be no impact in regards to needing additional staff, studio space, or equipment at this time. 



Unlike other concentrations in the art department, there is currently a lack of courses offered for students concentrating in either the 3-D area or Sculpture. This has made it necessary to offer a variety of Special Topics courses to enable the BA and BFA students concentrating in 3-D or Sculpture to fulfill their graduation requirements. Adding ART 250, and the repeatable ART 350, contributes to the creation of a cohesive curriculum that will enable students to move through the program in a systematic and logical order of beginning, intermediate and advanced course work in a timely fashion, while greatly diminishing the need to offer Special Topics courses.


While the Sculpture area has been updated in way of facilities, equipment and faculty, the curriculum has remained untouched for close to three decades. Currently the facilities and staff have capabilities that are underutilized. These changes would allow for the curriculum to become contemporary and relevant while retaining the traditional aspects of the program. It will further add to our ability to have a cohesive curriculum for the entire 3-D area in its enabling the department to deliver the full range of abilities and skill sets now available through upgraded facilities and new faculty, while streamlining the curriculum.