Senate Document Number    3511S


Date of Senate Approval      04/07/11


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document 22:                                                                          Add EDUC 215, 219, 220 and 326


Effective Date: Fall 2011



1.    Add:              On page 124, new course, EDUC 215:


                215         Creative Arts Integration, K-6 (1)

Introduces methods for integrating the arts (visual art, music, dance, and creative drama) into the K-6 curriculum. Fall and Spring.



2.    Add:              On page 124, new course, EDUC 219:


                219         Physical Activity and Healthful Living, K-6 (1)

Introduces methods for facilitating physical activity and teaching healthful living to elementary school students. Fall and Spring.



3.    Add:              On page 124, new course, EDUC 220:


220         Global, Civic, and Economic Literacy, K-6 (3)
Presented in modules that cover the core content of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Social Studies, K-6. Fall and Spring.



4.    Add:              On page 125, new course, EDUC 326:


                326         Assessment, Development, and Responsive Teaching, K-6 (3)

Covers the study of student development and curricular assessment. Emphasis on critical thinking about elementary student learning and assessment, conducting research into best assessment practices, and responsiveness to assessment results. Field experience is required.  Prerequisites: EDUC 210, 211. Fall and Spring.




The department is well able to cover these courses without any additional resources; we have piloted them as Special Topics courses for three semesters.



These new courses replace a series of courses previously required of K-6 program. They were designed to make the K-6 program more carefully tailored to the needs of Elementary licensure candidates. Substituting them for the courses previously required has reduced the number of hours required for licensure by a total of 16 hours for post-baccalaureate students and by 4-5 hours for undergraduate students.


EDUC 215 and 219 replace EDUC 315 and 319, reducing the number of hours in the program by 4 for post-baccalaureate students. This change reflects response to student data and recommendations of our public school partners. EDUC 315 and 319 are not being removed from the catalog at this time because we want a chance to evaluate the effectiveness of these changes before we eliminate those courses.  


EDUC 220 provides coverage of the topics that K-6 licensure candidates will actually be required to teach to their students. It surveys the NC Standard Course of Study for Social Studies and provides candidates the opportunity to explore the material they will teach to children. Previously, candidates took 6-12 hours of history coursework to prepare them to teach social studies; however, the SCOS requires them to teach some topics not addressed in the courses previously required.


EDUC 326 replaces 7 hours of psychology coursework that used to be required of K-6 licensure candidates. The current state and national standards for elementary teachers focus heavily on assessment, and the creation of a course that focuses specifically on K-6 assessment (as opposed to K-12 assessment in the courses required previously) allows candidates to gain in-depth knowledge about processes and practices that they will be required to use in their classrooms. Because K-6 teachers must be knowledgeable about using assessment results to drive their decision-making, our public school partners and current and former students were pleased to see this course added to the licensure program.