1989 - 1990

SD0189F:  Catalog Changes in Economics  (APC 1)

SD0289F:  Policy on the Awarding of Honorary Degrees at UNCA  (FWDC 1)

SD0389F:  Creation of Arts Course Lab in Dance  (APC 2)

SD0489F:  "Sunset" Policy for Catalog Courses  (APC 3)

SD0589F:  Administrative Withdrawal as New Grading Category  (APC 4)

SD0689F:  Policy Change on Re-taking Courses  (APC 5)

SD0789F:  Faculty Assembly Representative Replacement Policy  (FWDC 2)

SD0889F:  Policy on Timing of Senate Election of Faculty to Committees  (FWDC 3)

SD0990S:  Catalog Changes in Management  (APC 6)

SD1090S:  Catalog Changes in Industrial & Engineering Mgmt  (APC 7)

SD1190S:  Catalog Changes in Science Education Programs  (APC 8)

SD1290S:  Catalog Changes in Education Courses  (APC 9)

SD1390S:  Catalog Changes in Atmospheric Sciences  (APC 10)

SD1490S:  Accountability of Standing Committees  (FWDC 5)

SD1590S:  Catalog Changes in Mass Communication  (APC 11)

SD1690S:  Catalog Changes in Economics  (APC 12)

SD1790S:  Catalog Changes in Chemistry  (APC 13)

SD1890S:  Catalog Changes in Creative Writing  (APC 14)

SD1990S:  Change in Term of Members of the Academic Appeals Board  (FWDC 4)

SD2090S:  Catalog Changes in Management  (APC 15)

SD2190S:  Catalog Changes in Computer Science  (APC 16)

SD2290S:  Catalog Changes in Sociology  (APC 17)

SD2390S:  Admissions Deposit  (UPC 2)

SD2490S:  Catalog Changes in Environmental Studies  (APC 18)

SD2590S:  Catalog Changes in Political Science  (APC 19)

SD2690S:  Catalog Deletions in Health & Fitness  (APC 20)

SD2790S:  Catalog Changes in Health & Fitness  (APC 21)

SD2890S:  Enrollment Services  (IDC 3)

SD2990S:  Change in Term of Service of the Feldman Committee  (FWDC 6)

SD3090S:  Change in Composition of the Graduate Council  (FWDC 7)

SD3190S:  Addition of a UNCA graduate to serve with the University Teaching Council in selecting the recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award.  (FWDC 8) (Revision of SD1588s)

SD3290S:  University Relations  (IDC 4)

SD3390S:  Endowment Funds  (IDC 5)

SD3490S:  Catalog Changes in Mathematics  (APC 22-A)

SD3590S:  Catalog Changes in Specific Education Programs  (APC 23)

SD3690S:  Falsified Application Policy  (APC 24)

SD3790S:  Humanities Minor  (APC 25)

SD3890S:  Catalog Changes in Economics  (APC 26)

SD3990S:  "IP" Grade Proposal  (APC 27)

SD4090S:  Recommendations from Mathematics Self-Study  (IDC 6)

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