1987 - 1988

SD1A87S:  Resolution Requesting meeting of the whole Senate with Chancellor Brown to discuss Academic Eligibility

SD0187F:  Request for Authorization to Establish a New Degree Program (APC 1)

SD0287F:  Revised Protocol for Master of Liberal Arts Program (APC 2)

SD0387F:  Changes in Politics and Law Concentration (APC 3)

SD0487F:  Proposal to Establish Off-Campus Scholarly Assignments (FWD 1)

SD0587F:  Drug Abuse and Controlled Substance Policy (FWD 2)

SD0687F:  The Five Year Outline for Faculty Development (FWD 3)

SD0787F:  Policy on the Awarding of Honorary Degrees at UNCA (FWD 4)

SD0887F:  The Four Professors selected to the Distinguished Scholars Committee will serve also on the Honorary Degrees Advisory Committee (FWD 5)

SD0987F:  Change of Enrollment Status from Credit to Audit (APC 4)

SD1087F:  Deletion of PHYS 333 and PHYS 334 (APC 5)

SD1187F:  Change in Creative Writing Requirements (APC 6)

SD1287F:  Social Science General Education Requirements (APC 7)

SD1387F:  Revision of the Mass Communication Majors (APC 9)

SD1488S:  Proposal to Establish Off-Campus Scholarly Assignments

SD1588S:  University Teaching Council (FWD 8)

SD1688S:  A Five Year Plan for Faculty Development (FWD 17)

SD1788S:  Department of Classics Change (APC 10)

SD1888S:  Department of Mathematics Change (APC 11)

SD1988S:  Catalog Copy for MLA Program (APC 8)

SD2088S:  Department of Literature & Language Change (APC 12)

SD2188S:  Health Promotion Minor (APC 13)

SD2288S:  Academic Warning (APC 14)

SD2388S:  Individual Degree Programs and Exemptions from General Education Requirements (APC 15)

SD2488S:  Transfer Credit for General Education (APC 16)

SD2588S:  A Minor Program in the Department of Mathematics (APC 17)

SD2688S:  Distinguished Teacher Award (FWDC 10) Third Revision Modifications to Senate Document 33 (1981-1982)

SD2788S:  Change in Catalog Copy for Environmental Studies Program

SD2888S:  Changes to Industrial & Engineering Management Program

SD2988S:  Policy on Academic Eligibility (Version 2)

SD3088S:  Distinctive Proposal Timetable (Exec. Comm. 2)

SD3188S:  Two courses in Career Planning (APC 19)

SD3288S:  Revision of Cognates in Drama (APC 22)

SD3388S:  Restructuring of EDUC 101 & 102 (APC 23)

SD3488S:  Revision of Biology Teacher Certification requirements (APC 24)

SD3588S:  Clarification of catalog copy on the general education Arts course (APC 25)

SD3688S:  Addition of two upper level courses in Printmaking (APC 26)

SD3788S:  Change in degree designation to "Mass Communication" (APC 27)

SD3888S:  Deletion of Public History program & addition of three history courses (APC 28)

SD3988S:  Catalog correction in descriptive listings for the Department of Economics (APC 29)

SD4088S:  Change in the relationship between Physical Education & Health Promotion (UPC 1)

SD4188S:  Issue for Application for Admission to Major (UPC 2)

SD4288S:  Change in Department of Mathematics (APC 30)

SD4388S:  Change in Department of Mathematics (APC 31)

SD4488S:  Statement on University Drug Policy to be Presented to the UNCA Board of Trustees (Exec. Comm. 3)

SD4588S:  Statement on Quality Growth (UPC 3)

SD4688S:  Resource Needs of the Masters of Liberal Arts Program (UPC 4)

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