Index of Senate Documents


SD0108F:    Sense of the Senate Resolution re: PTR

SD0208F:    2008 Revisions to the Post-Tenure Review Process
                      (Revision to SD6405S and Faculty Handbook 3.7.3)  (FWDC 1)

SD0308F:    Amendment to Student Rating of Instruction policy
                      (Revision to SD
1482F and Faculty Handbook
  (FWDC 2)

SD0408F:    Program Assessment at UNC Asheville (IDC 2)

SD0508F:    Proposal to Eliminate the Asheville Institute Advisory Committee
                      (SD1205S; Faculty Handbook 10.4.25)  (FWDC 3)

SD0608F:    Proposal to Eliminate the Adjunct Faculty Committee
                      (SD0500F; Faculty Handbook 10.4.17)  (FWDC 4)

SD0708F:    Proposal to Revised the Distinguished Scholars Committee
                      (Revision to SD5500S; Faculty Handbook 10.3.1)  (FWDC 5)

SD0808F:    Ongoing Review of General Education at UNCA (APC 1)

SD0908F:    Sense of the Senate Resolution re: thank you to staff who worked
                      to implement the Degree Progress Advising Report system. 

SD1009S:    Sense of the Senate Resolution re: IDC to insist plans for future growth
                       be fully debated and discussed by UPC.

SD1109S:    Revision of UNCA Tenure Policies and Regulations
                       (Revision of SD0102F, SD4089S, SD1089S; Fac Handbook 14.2) (FWDC 6)

SD1209S:    Proposal to Amend the Duties of the University Research Council
                       (Revision of SD7808S; Faculty Handbook 10.3.5) (FWDC 7)

SD1309S:    Proposal to Amend the Duties of the University Teaching Council
(Revision of SD7503S; Faculty Handbook 10.3.6) (FWDC 8)

SD1409S:   Delete LANG 351, Writing for Business and the Professions
                      Delete LIT 351, Beginning Old English (APC 2)

SD1509S:    Addition of LIT 363;  Revision of LIT 491 description (APC 3)

SD1609S:    Change in frequency of CLAS 102 and CLAS 212 (APC 4)

SD1709S:    Changes to Classics Senior Research Thesis (CLAS 495) (APC 5)

SD1809S:    Change course description for ATMS 223, Physical Climatology (APC 6)

SD1909S:    Add new course, ATMS 345, Tropical Meteorology
                       Add new course, ATMS 464, Scientific Writing (APC 7)

SD2009S:    Removal of prerequisites for CHEM 132 and inclusion of a preparation
                       recommendation in the course description (APC 8)

SD2109S:    Change AP credit awarded for CHEM 132 (APC 9)

SD2209S:    Add new course, ENVR 106, Earth History;
                       Add new course, ENVR 310, Economic Geology (APC 10)

SD2309S:    Delete ENVR 321 and its cross-listed course, BIOL 321; Delete ENVR 350;
                       Editorial changes resulting from deletions (APC 11)

SD2409S:    Add ENVR 343, Stream Ecology; Add ENVR 343 as an option for the
                      Concentration in Ecology and Environmental Biology (APC 12)

SD2509S:    Delete ACCT 215 as an option in the Concentration in Environmental
                       Management and Policy (APC 13)

SD2609S:    Change course number, description, and credit hours of ENVR 382, Environmental Geology;
                       Editorial changes resulting from adding Environmental Geology to core requirements for
                       Environmental Studies (APC 14)

SD2709S:    Change title, credit hours and description of ENVR 338 and its cross-listed course, ATMS 338;
                       Change title and description of ENVR 362 (APC 15)

SD2809S:    Add new course, ECE 456, Mechatronics, and add it as an option for the major (APC 29)

SD2909S:    Editorial changes to Earth Science with 9-12 Teacher Licensure  (APC 17)

SD3009S:    Editorial Changes to the Environmental Studies Narrative (APC 18)

SD3109S:    Sense of the Senate Resolution
when the Tenure Committee evaluate faculty, they should assess their records in light of the current and prospective economic situation.

SD3209S:    Change title and course description of SOC 385 (APC 20)

SD3309S:    Delete ECON 215 and add ECON 342; Revise Concentration in Monetary Economics and Finance (APC 21)

SD3409S:    Change Scheduled Offering of ECON 314 (APC 22)

SD3509S:    Add IP Grading Option for ECON 480 (APC 23)

SD3609S:    Revise Title and Course Description for ESI 490 (APC 24)

SD3709S:    Revise Requirements for Concentration in Ethics and Social Institutions (APC 25)

SD3809S:    Delete HIST 390, Seminar in Historiography; Add HIST 250, The Historians Craft;
                         Add HIST 451, Research Seminar Preparation (APC 26)

SD3909S:   Change major requirements for History; Change prerequisite for HIST 452 (APC 27)

SD4009S:    Add new course, ECE 456 Mechatronics, and add it as an option for the major (APC 28)

SD4109S:    Delete ECE 206 and ECE 302 (APC 30)

SD4209S:    Change course description for E 115 (APC 31)

SD4309S:    Change course descriptions for ECE 200 and ECE 211;
                       Change the pre- and corequisites for ECE 220 (APC 32)

SD4409S:    Change the descriptions for MAE 310 and MAE 316;
                       Change the pre- and corequisites for MAE 315 (APC 33)

SD4509S:    Delete ENVR 443 and 444; Add new course, BIOL 322, cross-listing it with ENVR 322;
                       Add new course, BIOL 323, cross-listing it with ENVR 323;
                       Editorial changes as a result of the deletions and additions (APC 19)

SD4609S:    Addition of LS 205, Peer Mentoring;
                       Addition of LS 305, Leadership in Peer Mentoring (APC 28)

SD4709S:    Revision of UNCA Sexual Harassment Policy (Revision of SD0396S, SD0396S, SD0396F;
                       Faculty Handbook Section 4.3.12) (FWDC 9)

SD4809S:    Change Requirements for Declaring a Major in Mass Communication (APC 34)

SD4909S:    Change course description for MCOM 499; Add new course, MCOM 498 (APC 35)

SD5009S:    Change credit hours and description for MCOM 483, Film Criticism (APC 36)

SD5109S:    Editorial changes resulting from curriculum changes in Mass Communication (APC 37)

SD5209S:    Change course descriptions for ARTH 201, 311, 312, 320 to include both art and architecture (APC 38)

SD5309S:    Separation of Greek and Roman Art Course (CLAS 314) into two courses,
                       and cross-listing them with ARTH 311 and 312 (APC 39)

SD5409S:    Editorial changes in the Concentration in Classical Studies (APC 40)

SD5509S:    Add new course, ARTH 301, History of Architecture (APC 41)

SD5609S:    Change course title and description of ARTH 350 to include art outside of Europe (APC 42)

SD5709S:    Add new course, ARTH 485, Senior Research Seminar (APC 43)

SD5809S:    Change major competency requirement in Art History from comprehensive exam
                       to ARTH 485, Senior Research Seminar (APC 44)

SD5909S:    Establish a new major in Religious Studies; Change the minor requirements for
                       Religious Studies; Add new courses: RELS 200, 215, 280, 302, 303, 312, 313,
                       330, 354, 381, 386, 387, 388, 420 and 490 (APC 45)

SD6009S:    Delete HIST 386 and HIST 387 (APC 46)

SD6109S:    Cross-list CLAS 354 with RELS 354; Cross-list HIST 388 with RELS 388 (APC 47)

SD6209S:    Sense of the Senate Resolution re: Student Rating of Instruction Evaluations

SD6309S:    Revision of the Appointment process for Faculty ILS Oversight Committee and its
                       constituent committees (revision of SD8307S; SD0105F, SD0304F, SD0703F;
                       Faculty Handbook Section 10.3.8) (FWDC 10 Revised)

SD6409S:    Change Course Name and Description for MGMT 398 (APC 48)

SD6509S:    Add new course, MGMT 401, International Marketing;
                       Add MGMT 401 to the Management Concentrations (APC 49)

SD6609S:    Increase Course Credit Available for Special Topics Courses in Education (APC 51)

SD6709S:    Allow Art History minor for the Studio Art major (APC 52)

SD6809S:    Delete PSYC 215, 320 and 325; Replace above courses with PSYC 216, 321 and 322 (APC 53)

SD6909S:    Delete PSYC 335, 409 and 435 (APC 54)

SD7009S:    Addition of new POLS courses: 247, 343, 349, 351,357, and 362 (APC 55)

SD7109S:    Change POLS 281, 366, 369, 380, 384 from 3 to 4-credit hours (APC 56)

SD7209S:    Change credit hours for POLS 400; Add POLS 401 (APC 57)

SD7309S:    Change in the Capstone Requirement in Psychology (APC 58)

SD7409S:    Editorial changes required by curriculum changes in Psychology (APC 59)

SD7509S:    Change in Credit Hours for POLS 460 (APC 60)

SD7609S:    Change requirements for POLS major and minor (APC 61)

SD7709S:    Change Advanced Placement Equivalencies for POLS 220 and 281 (APC 62)

SD7809S:    Delete POLS 334 and 335; Add new course, POLS 235 (APC 63)

SD7909S:    Replace POLS 334 and 335 with POLS 235 as an option in the Legal Studies Minor (APC 64)

SD8009S:    Reduce credit hours and change semester offered for DRAM 144;
                       Reduce credit hours for major in Drama (APC 50 minor)

SD8109S:    Sense of the Senate Resolution re: Change in Academic Calendar

SD8209S:    Revision of the Process for Administering Student Evaluation of Instruction
                      (Revision of SD0308F; Faculty Handbook (FWDC 11 Revised)

SD8309S:    Remove Psychology and History courses from K-6 licensure requirements (APC 65)

SD8409S:    Require a Study Abroad experience for the INTS major; Remove foreign language as an option for
                       fulfilling international experience requirement (APC 66)

SD8509S:    Update requirements for areas of emphasis in INTS major (APC 67)

SD8609S:    Change credits hours and descriptions for INTS 361 and 362 (APC 68)

SD8709S:    Allow other courses as option to INTS 499 for major (APC 69)

SD8809S:    Remove Choosing an Area of Emphasis in INTS minor;
                      Add ECON 250 as an introductory course option in INTS minor (APC 70)

SD8909S:    Add three new Dance classes: DAN 131, 132, 133 (APC 71)

SD9009S:    Change prerequisites for DAN 230, 237, 238, 310, 335, 337, 338  (APC 72)

SD9109S:    Change title and description for DAN 231; Change description for DAN 235 (APC 73)

SD9209S:    Delete DAN 331; Add new course, DAN 330 (APC 74)

SD9309S:    Change requirements for Minor in Dance (APC 75)

SD9409S:    Addition of new courses to the HWP curriculum: 
                      HWP 260, 284, 290, 292, 333, 335, 345, 350, 355, 360, 480 (APC 76)

SD9509S:    Change course description for HWP 380 (APC 77)

SD9609S:    Edit requirements for minor in Health Promotion; Delete minor in Sports Medicine (APC 78)

SD9709S:    Add course descriptions for Health and Wellness activity classes (APC 79)

SD9809S:    Delete HWP 182 as a required course for HWP majors;
                       Change required courses for the major in HWP (APC 80)

SD9909S:    Add new courses, INTS 325, 345, and 350 as options for INTS concentration;
Add ECON 355 as option for INTS  (APC 81)

SD10009S:   Change foreign language requirement for INTS major (APC 82)

SD10109S:   Edit required courses for INTS major; Edit competency requirements for INTS major (APC 83)