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Senate Document Number†† ††9709S


Date of Senate Approval†††† 04/30/09


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document 79:†††††††††††††††††† Add course descriptions for Health and Wellness activity classes


Effective Date: Fall 2009


1.Add:††††† On page 156, before the entry for Courses in Health and Wellness Promotion (HWP):


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Courses in Health and Wellness (HW)

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Note: Grading for HW courses is S/U.


100†††††† Introduction to Rock Climbing (1)

An introduction to rock climbing. The course includes rock climbing

exercises that concentrate on focus, endurance, power-endurance and power. It also

incorporates activities to improve overall fitness. See department chair.


101†††† Hiking, Camping and Orienteering (1)

An introduction to the outdoor educational activities of backpacking, camping and orienteering with an emphasis on the achievement of lifetime fitness and wellness. Activities may include an overnight backpacking/camping trip. See department chair.


102†††† Beginning Kayaking (1)

Designed for beginning kayakers looking to develop their kayaking skills and to be able to include kayaking in a lifetime fitness plan. The focus will be on navigation skills, towing, rescuing and rolling and aims to give kayakers the confidence to kayak on camping trips and in unfamiliar waters. See department chair.


103†††† Mountain Biking (1)

Focuses on the basic principles of mountain biking theory and practice including safety, technical skills, trail etiquette, and protection. Emphasis will be on development of skills, proper application, and strategies to include mountain biking in a lifetime fitness plan. See department chair.


105 ††††† Beginning Volleyball (1)

Theoretical concepts and laboratory experience in development of fundamental volleyball skill techniques and game strategies. The course includes drills to improve skills and game playing strategy, and applications to include volleyball in a fitness program for lifetime health and wellness. See department chair.


††††††††††††††††† 111†† ††† Pilates (1)

Follows the original Pilates curriculum and prepares the student to achieve advanced levels of the exercise sequence in the mat portion of the Pilates canon. The class also explores the use of other equipment (Resist-a-balls, noodles, etc.) when applying the Pilates method. See department chair.

†††††††††† 113 ††††† Racquetball (1)

Focuses on the rules, terminology, fundamental skills, and strategies of racquetball. This class also explores the health benefits of racquetball and how this activity can be included in a lifetime health and wellness program. See department chair.


115 ††††† Beginning Tennis (1)

Includes techniques, rules, scoring, singles and doubles strategy, and etiquette. The course focuses on understanding the health benefits of tennis and developing a fitness program for lifetime health and wellness. See department chair.


118†††††† Beginning Golf (1)

Emphasizes the basic skills involved in club selection, golf course analysis, shot selection, execution of the golf swing and strategies to pursuing lifetime fitness through golf. Rules, handicapping and etiquette are included. Course may meet off campus. See department chair.


†††††††††† 122 ††††† Water Aerobics (1)

Uses choreographed movements to provide toning, conditioning, and aerobic benefits. The course promotes aesthetic experiences and body awareness, and focuses on understanding the health benefits of water aerobics and developing a fitness program for lifetime health and wellness. See department chair.


125 ††††† Kickboxing (1)

Provides a high intensity cardiovascular workout incorporating kicks, punches, and combinations inspired by martial arts and boxing. The course focuses on developing the skills of kickboxing, enhancing personal strength and conditioning, and applying these skills to the development of a fitness program for lifetime health and wellness. See department chair.


121†††††† Basketball (1)

Focus on the fundamental skills, basic offensive and defensive strategies, rules and strategies to include basketball in a lifetime health and wellness fitness plan. See department chair.


123  ††††† Aerobics (1)

Step aerobics, dance and other rigorous activities performed to music to attain cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and other components of a healthy lifestyle. See department chair.


124†††† Weight Training (1)

Designed to give the student a broad background in the area of strength development through weight training. Various weight training programs, techniques, and trends will be examined. Students will learn to develop a personal weight training program that enhances overall health. See department chair.


126†††† Beginning Swimming (1)

Introduces the fundamentals of swimming, including safety skills and techniques such as crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke. Students will learn to apply swimming to their personal lifetime health and fitness plan. See department chair.


127†††† Jogging and Aerobic Walking (1)

Introduces students to various aspects of both walking and jogging activities. Topics include stretching, form, technique, fitness principles, general safety and proper equipment needed for jogging and fitness walking. Students will learn to develop lifelong programs through the application and understanding of aerobic principles, cardiovascular conditioning, and nutrition and performance enhancement. See department chair.


131†††† Tai Chi (1)

Introduces students to Tai Chi Ch'uan, a traditional Chinese system of personal cultivation and self-defense. The course comprises practical and theoretical study of Chinese traditional therapeutic Qi-Gong (twenty-posture) and an Essential Tai-Chi training routine. Included are the role of moral character in martial arts training and professional Tai-Chi training techniques. See department chair.

132†††† Yoga (1)

Introduces students to classic yoga postures that address such needs as stress management, muscular tightness, skeletal alignment, and injury rehabilitation. In addition to posture instruction, each class includes focused breathing and meditation. These activities are complemented by a series of lectures on such topics as the historical and philosophical foundations of yoga, nutritional practices that enhance the value of a lifelong yoga program, and Eastern-based movement traditions that complement yoga practice. See department chair.

133†††† Meditation (1)

Combines several forms of applied meditation, including writing, walking and a variety of exercises to give direct experience of mindfulness and to promote a sense of well-being. The connection between health and meditation, with a specific focus on stress management, is also explored. See department chair.


134 ††††† Trail Running (1)

Explores the special techniques and skills associated with trail running. Topics include technique, bio-mechanics, agility and stretching, shoe mechanics, personal evaluation, weight training and goal setting. Several days will be spent in the classroom or weight room; other days will be off-campus, either trail running or performing research. See department chair.


136 ††††† Beach Volleyball (1)

Covers the acquisition of motor skills, fundamental techniques, contemporary issues, knowledge appropriate for successful participation, and strategies to pursue lifetime health and wellness through beach volleyball. The majority of the course will be held on an outdoor sand court. See department chair.


137 ††††† Team Sports (1)

Students will acquire a basic understanding of skills and techniques for selected team sports through an examination of the preparatory activities, drills and mechanical analysis of skills. Strategies to pursue lifetime fitness through various team sports will be addressed. See department chair.


138 ††††† Frisbee/Disc Golf (1)

Focuses on various aspects of the sport including disc selection, throwing, strategy, the mental game and lifetime participation for health and wellness. At times, class will meet at the nearby Disc Golf course. See department chair.


139 ††††† Water Games (1)

Introduces a variety of water games and aquatic exercises. Emphasis is placed on increasing cardiovascular fitness levels, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility through water games. In addition, students will learn the skills and rules necessary to participate in a variety of lifetime aquatic games. See department chair.


200 ††††† Intermediate Rock Climbing (1)

Designed to help more experienced climbers improve climbing skills and overall fitness levels. Prerequisite: HW 100 or permission of instructor.


205 ††††† Intermediate Volleyball (1)

Designed to give the volleyball enthusiast an opportunity to explore advanced skill techniques of the game. Focus is on the development of strategies that apply to the game of "Power Volleyball." Prerequisite: HW 105 or permission of instructor. See department chair.


215 ††††† Intermediate Tennis (1)

Designed for the intermediate tennis player to develop additional techniques and advanced game strategies. Prerequisite: HW 115 or permission of instructor. See department chair.


218 ††††† Intermediate Golf (1)

Basic skills and techniques are refined beyond the beginner level. Analysis and practice of the golf swing, swing theory and methods, and golf course strategies are emphasized, as well as strategies to pursue lifetime fitness through participation in golf. Prerequisite: HW 118 or permission of instructor. See department chair.


226 ††††† Intermediate Swimming (1)

Designed for the individual with middle-range swimming skills. The course will provide additional training in swimming techniques and advanced water safety skills. Prerequisite: HW 126 or permission of instructor. See department chair.


171-6, 271-6, 371-6, 471-6††† Special Topics in Health and Wellness (1-6)

Courses not otherwise included in the catalog listing but for which there may be special needs. May be repeated for credit as subject matter changes. See department chair.




The above courses will be taught by current staff and will not affect the departmental workload. Seven new courses have been included: HW 118, 134, 136, 137, 138, 139, 218. Many of the new courses are substitutes for traditional, team sports courses that have experienced declining enrollment. If the decreases in enrollment continue, these courses may be eliminated in the future. Course descriptions are being added for all HW courses to provide guidance for teaching faculty as well as enrollment information for students.



Studentsí interests in fitness and wellness courses are changing and the Department of Health and Wellness needs to respond to them in order to encourage students to participate in a variety of fitness/physical activity activities. The new courses offer students the opportunity to participate in more contemporary, lifetime physical activities. Adding course descriptions to the catalog provides students with information about the content and level of each course, so an informed decision can be made when enrolling.