Senate Document Number     3209S


Date of Senate Approval      02/12/09


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document 20:                                           Change title and course description of SOC 385


Effective Date: Fall 2009


1.         Delete:  On page 255, the title and description for SOC 385:


385       Science and Technology (3)

Examines the cultural authority and power of science and technology in the contemporary period, with attention to the social production of scientific knowledge and technological artifacts. Drawing on a social constructionist approach, the course emphasizes the ways in which both experts and lay people relate to technological artifacts, as well as the organizational, economic, cultural and political forces behind technological innovation and the impacts of technological change on individuals and social groups. Even years Fall.



Add:           On page 255, in place of deleted entry:


385       Technology in Everyday Life (3)

Focuses on the socially constructed relationships that emerge between experts, lay users and artifacts. Starting with hands-on experiences of everyday, mundane technologies, and moving to an analysis of technological systems, the course explores how lay people are sometimes agents of innovation as well as recipients of technological change. Even years Fall.



Impact Statement:

The change does not impact departmental or ILS CL9 teaching resources, as the course will still be offered at the same frequency and cover the same content area. I have obtained the concurrence of the chair of the Department of Sociology and the co-chair of ILS CL9, Food for Thought, Sally Wasileski.



The proposal is aimed at making the focus of the course more apparent to students. The focus has shifted (but not the area covered) as the course has been taught over the semesters, especially since it began being offered in ILS CL9, Food for Thought.