FACULTY SENATE


Senate Document Number     0708F


Date of Senate Approval      11/13/08


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


FWDC 5:                       Proposal to Revise the Distinguished Scholars Committee
            (revision to SD5500S; Faculty Handbook Section 10.3.1)


Effective Date:  Immediately


Participation by faculty in the selection of honorary degree recipients is an important part of shared governance. This revision restores a function that was deleted from the Distinguished Scholars Committee in 1999.

Add:  In the Faculty Handbook, Section 10.3.1, under “Purpose”


            To consult with the Chancellor on selection of candidates for Honorary Degrees


     Renumber other purposes as 2, 3, and 4.

The revised section of the Faculty Handbook reads as follows:



1. To consult with the Chancellor on selection of candidates for Honorary Degrees
2. To select the Highsmith Distinguished Visiting Scholar and to arrange for the residency

3. To make a nomination to the Chancellor annually or when advisable for a recipient of the Oliver Max Gardner Award, a distinction granted yearly by the Board of Governors to that faculty member on one of the sixteen campuses who has "made the greatest contribution to the welfare of the human race" during the year
4. To consider sponsorship of other scholars who may from time to time be available for temporary university duties




·                     four full professors elected by Faculty Senate from the faculty at large

·                     three faculty members drawn from the full-time teaching faculty, one from each division, appointed by the Chancellor.

Terms of office are for two years. Service on the committee begins at the first faculty meeting of the fall semester and runs to the same time of the following year.



The committee shall report to the Senate and the VCAA annually, and shall deposit copies of any minutes in the Senate files.


Recommendations to:    Chancellor