Senate Document Number†† ††6709S


Date of Senate Approval†††† 04/09/09


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document 52:†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Allow Art History minor for the Studio Art major



Effective Date: Fall 2009


1.Delete:†††††††† On pg. 74, under Minor in Art History:


                                       I.      The Art History minor consists of 24 credit hours in required courses: ARTH 201 and 202; and 18 additional hours in Art History offerings.


††† Add:†††††††††† On pg. 74, in place of deleted entry:


                                       I.      24 hours in Art History: ARTH 201 and 202; and 18 additional hours in Art History. Students majoring in Studio Art, both BA and BFA, may use only 6 hours of courses used for the major toward a minor in Art History.



The two Art History faculty members in the Art Department do not teach Studio Art courses; thus, the courses in Art History are designated with a separate prefix: ARTH (rather than the prefix for Studio Art courses: ART).A minor offered to all students, including Studio Art majors, will not impact current resources significantly.We now offer a sufficient number of Art History courses (including cross-list courses with other departments) and do not anticipate a need for further resources.



Art History is an integral part of the Humanities and is tied to a variety of fields; for example, History, Politics, Literature, and Languages.The study of Art History can expand the understanding of a culture and its history, philosophy, and socio-political development.

The Art History minor will be particularly useful for students majoring in Studio Art.The incorporation of these additional Art History courses will not only help to expand the studentís knowledge of global issues but will also improve their writing skills.Upon graduation, the minor in Art History would allow these Studio students to qualify for a wider range of jobs.Students who continue with graduate study in Studio Art often find it necessary to teach Art History as well as Studio Art courses upon graduation.A minor in Art History would also be useful for students who are employed after graduation in art-related professions.The undergraduate minor in Art History would give them a solid base from which to work in the future.


For example, UNC Wilmington currently has an Art History minor for Studio Art majors.Students would not get credit for more than 6 hours of courses taken for the Studio Art major but would be required to make up these credits with additional Art History courses (thus, they would be required to complete 18 credit hours that do not duplicate Studio Art major requirements).