Senate Document Number   0808F
Date of Senate Approval  12/04/08
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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:
APC Document 1: Ongoing Review of General Education at UNCA
Effective Date: Upon Adoption by the Faculty Senate
Beginning in the Spring, 2009 semester, the Academic Policies Committee of the Faculty Senate will review UNCA’s Integrative Liberal Studies Program. The review’s objective is not to overhaul or redesign the ILS curriculum, but to establish a baseline and experiment with procedures for ongoing assessment of the program. Its goals are to study ideas which might strengthen ILS and to consider suggestions as to how resources could best be allocated to improve general education at UNCA.
1. Survey Faculty Perceptions (Beginning Spring, 2009)
Purpose: Establish a context for the review by gathering faculty attitudes toward the ILS program and its components.
2. Review Delivery Effectiveness (Beginning Spring, 2009)
Purpose: Examine administration, coordination, and costs of the ILS program.
3. Review ILS Assessment Reports (Beginning Fall 2009)
Purpose: Examine and critique assessment criteria used for determining student learning, and review plans and proposals for future implementation.
4. Review Foundation Courses   (Beginning Spring, 2010)
Purpose: Examine the goals and assessment tools departments use to determine student learning in ILS courses, the resource costs, and departmental capacity to deliver ILS courses.
5. Developing an Ongoing Review Process
Purpose: To insure that general education review is an ongoing process by determining how to most efficiently and effectively integrate routine analysis into APC’s agenda.
APC will be responsible for determining how best to implement each aspect of the review. The committee will keep the Senate apprised of its progress, the procedures it adopts to conduct each component of the review, and its findings, observations and recommendations. The committee will submit periodic written reports of its activities, conclusions, and suggestions to the Faculty Senate.