Senate Document Number     7209S


Date of Senate Approval      04/09/09


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document 57:                                           Change credit hours for POLS 400;

Add POLS 401


Effective Date: Fall 2009



1.  Delete:         On page 240, the entry for POLS 400:


                        400       Internship (3)

A semester-long internship program with participating organizations, firms, public agencies or community service organizations. Background readings and field research as well as practical experience. Prerequisite: 15 hours of Political Science. May be repeated once for credit. Students are required to present the results of their work in the Senior Colloquium. Fall and Spring.


Add:           On page 240, in place of deleted entry:


400       Internship (2-6)

A semester-long internship with participating organizations, firms, government agencies, and community service or non-profit organizations. Prerequisite: 15 hours of Political Science courses or approval of instructor. May be repeated once for a total of six hours credit. Internship credits will not be counted for the major until POLS 401 has been completed. See department chair.


2.  Add:            On page 240, the following new course:


401       Internship Seminar (1)

Students present and discuss their background readings and field experiences from POLS 400, and prepare the paper they will present to the Senior Colloquium.  Pre- or corequisite: POLS 400.  Fall.




None anticipated unless enrollment continues to grow. The individual teaching the POLS 401 seminar and supervising the 400 classes will have the same responsibilities. It should, however, markedly reduce the number of special topics courses that have to be constructed to accommodate students involved in internships that are not centered in Asheville.



Political Science students are increasingly taking advantage of internship opportunities offered by a variety of programs and organizations.  Because these opportunities do not fit neatly into our old three-hour course, we have been forced to construct a range of individual special topics classes for these students.  Offering POLS 400 with variable credit will ease the burden this has placed on the registrar. 


Adding POLS 401 as a one-hour requirement for all Political Science major allows for the  continuation of the tradition of internship students meeting regularly to discuss their work.