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Senate Document Number†† ††1709S


Date of Senate Approval†††† 01/22/09


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:



APC Document5:  ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Changes to Classics Senior Research Thesis (CLAS 495)



Effective Date: Fall 2009


1.Delete:On page 104, under Courses in Greek, and on page 105, under Courses in Latin:


495 ††††† Senior Research Thesis (3)

Supervised independent study on a departmentally approved research topic of the studentís choice, leading to completion of a thesis. (IP grades are approved for this course.) Prerequisite: senior standing. See department chair.



2.Add:††††† On pages 104 and 105, in place of deleted entries:


†††††††††††††††† 495 ††††† Senior Research Thesis (3)

Students will be trained in research methods as a basis for completing a thesis on a departmentally approved research topic of their choice. (IP grades are approved for this course.) Prerequisite: senior standing. Fall.



Impact Statement: 

This course has previously been taught on an individual basis on demand: students worked with individual faculty according to their particular area of interest. We are changing its frequency so that it will be taught in class format each Fall by one coordinating instructor, while individual advisors will work with students according to their areas of interest.



Our previous system necessitated a great degree of duplicated effort, as each advisor discussed research methods, techniques of writing and so on with his or her advisee. The amount of instructional credit that we received for teaching the course on an individual basis did not reflect the amount of work it took. By turning this into a class, we intend that the instructor of record gets a full three hoursí credit for the course, that students can learn from each other about the research process, and that we can streamline what has been a rather unwieldy process. Impact on resources should be non-existent or positive.