Senate Document Number†† ††4609S


Date of Senate Approval†††† 02/12/09

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document 28:†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Addition of LS 205, Peer Mentoring
††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Addition of LS 305, Leadership in Peer Mentoring


Effective Date: Fall 2009


1.†††††††† Add:†††† On page 181, new course, LS 205:††††


205†††††† Peer Mentoring (2)

This course is for students serving as first-time Peer Mentors in LSIC 179 and LSIC 379 courses. Peer Mentors receive training in active listening, group facilitation, academic success skills, ILS curriculum information, and the proper referral of students to appropriate university personnel and resources.Peer Mentors will learn skills in developing strong positive relationships with students and faculty, providing guidance for academic decision-making, time management and study skills, exploration of academic majors, and adjustment to the university environment. Coordinating extra-curricular social and academic activities will also be discussed. Enrollment limited to students selected as LSIC Peer Mentors. See Peer Mentor Program Coordinator for application information. Fall and Spring.


Impact Statement:

Course credit for Peer Mentors has been offered under IST since Fall 2004, and adding it as a permanent LS course should not have any additional impact beyond its present level. This course is currently taught by the Director of Advising & Learning Support, who has a Master of Science degree in College Student Personnel. It is expected that any person coordinating the LSIC Peer Mentor Program in the future will have a Masterís degree in a related field and be qualified to teach this course. There is no anticipated staffing impact for other departments and faculty; current staffing levels in Advising & Learning Support are sufficient to allow the Director the time to teach the course.



The LSIC Peer Mentor program is in its fourth year. It has continued to develop into a mature program, and the addition of a formal academic component is a valuable next step. This course will be an important resource for LSIC 179 and 379 Peer Mentors. The addition of the course to the catalog will provide a more directed and substantial opportunity for Peer Mentors to receive the information they need to meet the expectations of this position. It will give them an opportunity to apply what they are learning as Mentors to their own academic experience and provide an environment where they can learn from other Peer Mentors in a formal setting.


Peer Mentors assist incoming freshmen and transfer students in making the transition to college and, specifically, to the liberal arts environment. They serve an important role in helping new students develop an understanding of UNC Asheville and its academic resources. Students in courses with Peer Mentors have the opportunity to learn about common mistakes students make in college and about academic issues within a supportive peer relationship. Students in LSIC courses with Peer Mentors have the opportunity to get involved in co-curricular activities led by a fellow student, which is one of the ways in which Peer Mentors facilitate acculturation. Peer Mentors also provide valuable assistance to their LSIC faculty as they help develop class activities, present information to students, help facilitate class discussions, and organize co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


2.†††††††† Add:†††† On page 181, new course, LS 305:


305†††††† Leadership in Peer Mentoring (2)

Students will work directly with new Peer Mentors enrolled in LS 205 to facilitate understanding of Peer Mentor expectations and approaches to working with LSIC students and faculty. Students will also serve as role models for new Mentors. This course also offers experienced Peer Mentors the opportunity to further develop their skills in building strong positive relationships with freshmen or transfer students, academic decision-making, time management, study skills, major exploration, campus issues, and adjustment difficulties. Enrollment limited to students selected as LSIC Peer Mentors. See Peer Mentor Program Coordinator for application information. Prerequisite: LS 205. May be repeated once. Fall and Spring.


Impact Statement:

Adding a second peer mentoring course to the catalog won't have any impact on resources since Peer Mentors were able to repeat the previous IST 372 for credit. Students enrolled in LS 305 will attend scheduled meetings with the LSIC Peer Mentor Program Coordinator as well as LS 205 classes, so this course will not require additional classroom resources.



In the four years since the LSIC Peer Mentor program has been at UNC Asheville, there have been several students selected to serve as Peer Mentors multiple times. The addition of LS 305 will provide these students with an opportunity to further develop their skills as mentors while taking on a higher level of leadership within the Peer Mentor program. As a 300-level course, LS 305 will offer students the opportunity for further study in areas such as group dynamics, communication skills, problem-solving, and presentation skills.