Senate Document Number     4809S


Date of Senate Approval      03/19/09


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document 34:       Change Requirements for Declaring a Major in Mass Communication



Effective Date: Fall 2009


1.  Delete:         On pg. 200, under Declaration of Major:


Declaring a major in Mass Communication requires the student to complete a Declaration

of Major form that must be signed by the department chair. Prior to declaring a major, students, in consultation with a mass communication faculty member or advisor, create a plan of study, which must be approved by the department chair. Before declaring a major, students must satisfy the LANG 120 requirement.


Add:           On pg. 200, in place of deleted entry:


Declaring a major in Mass Communication requires students to successfully complete the application process outlined below.


1.   Students must satisfy the LANG 120 requirement and successfully complete either MCOM 201 or both VMP 207 and 209.

2.   Students must receive a satisfactory evaluation on the appropriate entrance examination for their concentration. The entrance examinations are given once each semester, and are evaluated by a team of three Mass Communication faculty. Details about the examination are available from all departmental faculty advisors.

3.   Students must submit an application letter detailing their interest in Mass Communication and specify the concentration they wish to enter. Students must also submit a bibliography, briefly annotated, of at least six books and/or films that the student will study independently between the time of admission to the program and enrollment in the senior capstone course for the chosen concentration. The students work with this bibliography will be evaluated as part of the senior demonstration of competence. A list of suggested works is available from departmental advisors.

4.   Students not admitted to the program may reapply after successfully completing MCOM 301 or VMP 303, or after consultation with the department chair. Upon successful completion of the application process, the student will complete a Declaration of Major form that must be signed by the department chair.




Some students may be slowed in their progress through the major. Overall numbers of majors will very likely remain unchanged.   



This change is necessitated by the desire of Mass Communication faculty to exercise greater quality control over the major. Mass Communication is a "high demand" program with very limited equipment and resources. We want to ensure students who enroll are ultimately successful.