1985 - 1986

SD0185:  Policy on Granting Emeritus Status (EC 1)

SD0285:  Policies Regarding General Education (APC 1)

SD0385:  Changes in Department of Economics Curriculum (APC 2)

SD0485:  Policy Regarding Feedback on Quality of Students Work

SD0585:  Changes in the Composition of the Planning Council (IDC 1)

SD0685:  Proposal on Parking (FWC 2)

SD0785:  Changes in the Department of Physics Curriculum (APC 8)

SD0885:  Changes in the Department of Biology Curriculum (APC 11)

SD0985:  Changes in the Department of Music Curriculum (APC 6)

SD1085:  Changes in the Department of Chemistry Curriculum (APC 7)

SD1185:  Changes in the Department of Education Curriculum (APC 9)

SD1285:  Changes in the Department of Physical Education Curriculum (APC 10)

SD1385:  Composition and reporting of the Planning Council (EC 2) (revision of SD 5)

SD1485:  The English Composition Requirement for the New General Education Program (GE 1)

SD1585:  Mathematics Requirement for the New General Education Program (GE 2)

SD1685:  Catalog Changes for the Foreign Language Requirement (APC 14)

SD1785:  Requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

SD1885:  Changes in the Psychology Department Course Offerings (APC 12)

SD1985:  Proposal for Catalog Changes for the Department of Education (APC 13)

SD2085:  A Proposal from the Literature & Language Department for a Sense of the Senate Concerning Writing Skills

SD2185:  General Education Proposals in Foreign & Classical Languages (GE 3)

SD2285:  General Education proposals in the Natural Sciences (GE 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 21)

SD2385:  General Education Changes in Social Science (GE 12, 13, 14, & 15)

SD2485:  Proposal for the Physical Self (Is under the super-vision of the Psychology Dept. Should not be referred to as a Physical Education course. Meets the General Ed. Requirement). (GE 16)

SD2585:  Curriculum revisions in Foreign Languages (Catalog changes to accompany general education language changes). (APC 14)

SD2685:  Proposal for a course addition in Literature & Drama (APC 15)

SD2785:  Proposal to create a new Mathematics course (APC #16)

SD2885:  Proposal for Curriculum changes in Management (APC 17)

SD2985:  Changes in the Department of Management

SD3085:  Proposal for revision in graduation credit for college skills course (APC 18)

SD3185:  To increase the credit hours in the major for all five music degree programs from 36 to 40 (APC 23)

SD3285:  Allowing the faculty to park in faculty or student designated parking areas (Approved for the remainder of the term only - system is now under study).

SD3385:  Adoption of a 9-hour teaching load before 1990 and Faculty Release Time

SD3485:  Proposal for catalog listing - Mathematics Catalog (APC 19)

SD3585:  Specific catalog changes for Physical Education (APC 20)

SD3685:  Proposal for change of course title in the Department of Education (APC 21)

SD3785:  Change of prerequisite for MGMT 480 - Management Department Proposal (APC 25)

SD3885:  Biology Department - New Major Requirements (APC 26)

SD3985:  Psychology Department - Catalog Changes (APC 27)

SD4085:  Political Science Department - New courses, deletions, program changes & catalog revisions (APC 28)

SD4185:  Proposal re: course prefixes for Honors Courses (APC 24)

SD4285:  Promotion and Tenure (EC 3)

SD4385:  Recommending that the Faculty Senate appoint a faculty member as Editor of the Faculty Handbook (EC 4)

SD4485:  A Proposal for a General Education Arts Course - Course title & description (Arts 310 Arts & Ideas)

SD4585:  Final Draft of Master of Liberal Studies Proposal (Request for authorization to establish a new degree program)

SD4685:  Changes in the Catalog for the Department of Education (APC 29)

SD4785:  Changes in the Honors Program (APC 30)

SD4885:  Faculty Development Program - Report No. 3 (Faculty Welfare and Development Committee)

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