2017-18 Senate Documents

2017-18 Senate Legislation Spreadsheet

2017-18 Faculty Senate Legislation

SD0117F:        2017-18 Standing Rules and Rules of Order 

SD0217F:        Selection of Curriculum Coordinators (FWDC 1) 

SD0317F:        Creating a Diversity Intensive Committee (FWDC 2) 

SD0417F:        Rename LA 478 from “Senior Capstone” to “Cultivating Global Citizenship”; Reduce the prerequisite hours for LA 478 from 90 to 75; Alter course description (APC 1) 

SD0517F:        Change the description of INTS 365 APC 2) 

SD0617F:        Add new courses to Africana Studies: AFST 350, Lusophone African Nations AFST 352, The Lusophone African Experience Through Cinema AFST 354, Brazilian Cinema and Popular Music (APC 3) 

SD0717F:        Add new course, AIIS 305, Cultural Expressions from Abya-Yala (APC 4) 

SD0817F:        Proposed Academic Calendar for 2018-19 and 2019-20 (APC 5) 

SD0917F:        Add New Course, LIT 330, Readings in Film (APC 6) 

SD1017F:        Delete LANG 368 and LIT 349, 357, 365, 367, 368, 443, 445 and 446, replacing them with LIT 484; Change the title for LIT 440 (APC 7)  

SD1117F:        Change the titles of LIT 497 and 498 (APC 8)  

SD1217F:        Revise the Requirements for all concentrations in the Major in English (APC 9)  

SD1317F:        Promotion and Post-Tenure Review (FWDC 3)  

SD1417F:        Academic Appeals Board (AAB) and Faculty Conciliators (FWDC 4)  

SD1517F:        Institutional Review Board Policy (FWDC 5)  

SD1618S:        Delete the entries for French, German and Spanish, consolidating them into the Major in Languages and Literatures; Incorporation of Cherokee and Portuguese into the umbrella of the Department of Languages and Literatures. (IDC 2/APC 22)  

SD1718S:        Add new course, LL 313, Language and Contexts (IDC 1/APC 21)  

SD1818S:        Delete SPAN 230, returning to the sequence SPAN 210 and 220 (APC 20)  

SD1918S:        Delete WLNG 110 and 120, replacing with CHER 110 and 120; Add new courses: CHER 230, 310 and CHER Special Topics (APC 15)  

SD2018S:        Change the course titles of FREN 340 and FREN 341 (APC 16)  

SD2118S:        Change the titles and descriptions of GERM 210, 220, 310, 320, 390 and 490 (APC 17)  

SD2218S:        Delete GERM 345, 355 and 420 (APC 18)  

SD2318S:        Delete PORT 210 and 220, replacing with PORT 230 (APC 19) 

SD2418S:       Removing Language for Computer and Oral Competencies from Descriptions of the Majors (APC 13) 

SD2518S:       Remove DRAM 213 as a requirement from 6-9 Language Arts Licensure; Remove DRAM 213/NM 101/VMP 205 as a requirement from 9-12 English Licensure (APC 10)  

SD2618S:       Revise Requirements for IST Concentration in Ethics and Social Institutions (APC 11)  

SD2718S:       Change credit hours for DAN classes from 3-4; Change the required credit hours for a minor in Dance (APC 12)  

SD2818S:       Personnel Decisions for Joint Appointments Faculty Handbook Section and Section 3.7.2 (FWDC 6)  

SD2918S:       Add new course: HIST 312, U.S. Constitution in Context; Update requirements for History majors with Teacher Licensure (APC 23)  

SD3018S:       Delete BIOL 223, Human Anatomy, replacing with BIOL 328, Human Anatomy and Histology (APC 24)  

SD3118S:      Change to Minimum GPA for Transfer Admission (APC 25)  

SD3218S:       Clarification of Election Procedures Faculty Handbook Section (FWDC 8)  

SD3318S:       Change titles for MUSC 113 and 121 (APC 26)  

SD3418S:       Change ART 122 from a prerequisite to a pre- or corequisite for ART 234 and ART 246 (APC 27)  

SD3518S:       Change ART 133 from a prerequisite to a pre- or corequisite for ART 204, 218, 254 and 264 (APC 28)  

SD3618S:       Remove ART 133 from the Studio Art Minor in two-dimensional media and replace with ART 144; Remove ART 122 from the Studio Art Minor in three-dimensional media and replace with ART 144 (APC 29)  

SD3718S:       Add new course, LANG 340, Internship in Writing (APC 30)  

SD3818S:       Delete LANG 352, replacing with LANG 395 and LANG 396 (APC 31)  

SD3918S:       Renumber SOC 221 to SOC 320 and change when offered (APC 32)  

SD4018S:       Delete SOC 340, 359 and 365 (APC 33)  

SD4118S:       Delete SOC/ANTH 420, Difference and Inequality (APC 34)  

SD4218S:       Revise the major requirements for Sociology and Anthropology to account for the deletion of ANTH/SOC 420 (APC 35)  

SD4318S:       Change offering patterns for selected SOC/ANTH course (APC 36)  

SD4418S:       Remove the restriction on students receiving credit for MATH 251 if they have credit for MATH 280 (APC 37)  

SD4518S:       Delete Classics courses, subsuming them under new topical course numbers (APC 38) Appendices 

SD4618S:       Revise the descriptions and increase the credit hours for CLAS 212, 250 and 498 (APC 39)  

SD4718S:       Add two new courses to the Classics Curriculum: CLAS 260, Greek & Latin Roots in Medical Terminology; CLAS 399, Classics Internship (APC 40) 

SD4818S:       Change the narrative for the Classics major to reflect the reduction in number of concentrations (APC 41)  

SD4918S:       Revise the Requirements for the Major in Classics (APC 42)  

SD5018S:       Revise the requirements for the Classics Minor (APC 43)  

SD5118S:       Change to AP Latin Credit (APC 44)  

SD5218S:       Change the entry for LA 178, the First-Year Colloquium (APC 45)  

SD5318S:       Change prerequisite for MGMT 230; Change description for MGMT 380; Change description and prerequisite for MGMT 388 (APC 46)  Appendix A1    Appendix A2     Appendix B     Appendix C     Appendix D     Appendix E     Appendix F    Appendix G

SD5418S:       Increase credit hours for MGMT 352, 357 and 453 (APC 47)  

SD5518S:       Delete MGMT 323 and MGMT 324; replace with MGMT 326; Delete MGMT 360 and MGMT 363; replace with MGMT 366 (APC 48)  

SD5618S:       Delete MGMT 362, 460, 464 and 465; Add new elective courses: MGMT 426, 427 and 428 (APC 49)  

SD5718S:       Add new elective course: MGMT 368, Digital and Social Media Marketing (APC 50)  

SD5818S:       Remove Emphasis Areas from requirements for Management majors (APC 51)  

SD5918S:       Changes to Management and Accountancy Narrative (APC 52)  

SD6018S:       Change prerequisite for ECON 306 (APC 53)  

SD6118S:       Change the prerequisite for ECON 337 (APC 54)  

SD6218S:       Add two new courses to Environmental Studies: ENVR 302, Field Ornithology ENVR 351, Herpetology (APC 55)  Appendix

SD6318S:       Revise the Math Requirements for Environmental Studies Major (APC 56)  

SD6418S:      Revise the requirements for the Earth Science concentration--require Earth History and reduce the number of earth science electives (APC 57)  

SD6518S:       Revise the requirements for the Environmental Management and Policy Concentration (APC 58)  

SD6618S:       Creating a Standing First Year Experience Advisory Committee (FWDC 9)

SD6718S:       Change the descriptions of NM 251 and 410 (APC 59)  

SD6818S:       Change the names of NM 231, 350 and 450 (APC 60)  

SD6918S:       Add new course, NM 313, Virtual Reality, crosslisting it with CSCI 313 (APC 61)  

SD7018S:       Change when NM 330 and 344 are offered (APC 62)  

SD7118S:       Edit the introductory narrative of the New Media major; Change the name of the Interactive Art and Design Emphasis Area to Interactive Media (APC 63)  

SD7218S:       Change prerequisites for CSCI 280 and CSCI 338 (APC 64)  

SD7318S:       Change when CSCI 412, Computer Vision, is offered (APC 65)  

SD7418S:       Delete the Application Process for the Creative Writing Concentration in English and for the Creative Writing Minor (APC 66)  

SD7518S:       Add a minor in Human Rights Studies to be administered by the Political Science Department (APC 67)  

SD7618S:       Change the description of CHEM 323, Foundations of Biochemistry; Change title and description of CHEM 437, Modern Biochemistry (APC 68)  

SD7718S:       Change the major competency requirement for the B.S. degree in Chemistry (APC 69)  

SD7818S:       Remove LANG 120 as a prerequisite to declaring a major (APC 70)  

SD7918S:       Removal of references to Information Literacy and Writing Competencies in the Liberal Arts Core (LAC) and throughout the catalog (APC 71)  

SD8018S:       Atmospheric Sciences Credit Hour Exception Petition Document (APC 72)  

SD8118S:      Change when HWP 250 is offered; Change prerequisites for HWP 355 and 356 (APC 73)  

SD8218S:       Change course description and semester offered for HWP 253; Change course description for HWP 335; Change course description and prerequisite for HWP 380 (APC 74)  

SD8318S:       Delete HWP 154, Women’s Health, changing to HWP 254 with updated description (APC 75)  

SD8418S:       Add new course, HWP 381, Body Fat and Body Image (APC 76)  

SD8518S:       Faculty Assembly Election Process (FWDC 10)  

SD8618S:       Faculty of Record (FWDC 11)  

SD8718S:       Clarification of Service (FWDC 12)  

SD8818S:      Supplemental Pay and External Activities for Pay for Faculty Members on Leave with Pay (FWDC 13)  

SD8918S:       Revisions to Procedures for Promotion (FWDC 14)  

SD9018S:       Clarification in Annual Evaluation (FWDC 15)  

SD9118S:       Revisions to PTR Process (FWDC 16)  

2017-18 Sense of Senate Resolutions


SSR0117F:        Sense of the Faculty Senate of UNC Asheville in Support of Resolution by Chapel Hill's Faculty Executive Council urging the UNC Board of Governors to vote “no” on the proposed change to Section 400.7 of the UNC Policy Manual entitled “Involvement of Centers and Institutes in Legal Actions.”

SSR0217F:        Sense of the Senate Supporting Faculty Assembly’s DACA Resolution 

 SSR0318S:       Sense of the Faculty Senate on Revisions to Senate Leave Policy and Election of Alternates (FWDC 7)

SSR0318S was passed by the faculty at large and changes made to both the Senate Constitution and the Standing Rules for 2018=19.

 SSR0418S:       Sense of the Senate Regarding Engineering Fees

 SSR0518S:       Sense of the Senate on Diversity and Inclusion

 SSR0618S:       Resolution of Faculty Senate in Support and Gratitude to Chief Eric Boyce

 SSR0718S:       Sense of the Senate Regarding Sustainable Investment Strategies (IDC 4)

 SSR0818S:       Sense of the Senate expressing gratitude to the Task Force on Student Feedback on Instruction (formerly the Task Force on Student Rating of Instruction) (FWDC 17)