Index of Senate Documents


SD0106F:        Sense of the Senate Resolution re: authorization to change administrative titles in Senate
                       Documents/Faculty Handbook

SD0206F:        Sense of the Senate Resolution re: Deadlines for Grades - Fall, 2006

SD0306F:        Adding new course ECON 355; Open Economy Macroeconomics  (APC 1)

SD0406F:        Revising Concentration in International Economics  (APC 2)

SD0506F:        Adding ASTR 321, 322, 380, 411.  Adding Special Topics, ASTR 171-474  (APC 5)

SD0606F:        Change Scheduled Offering of ECON 245, 314, 330, and 361  (APC 3)

SD0706F:        Proposal to establish the "Library, Information Resources and Technology Committee" as a
                       new standing committee replacing the Computing & Telecommunications Committee and the
                       Library & Media Services Committee (Replaces SD7403S; Faculty Handbook Sections 6.5.3;
                       10.4.4; 10.4.13)  (FWDC 1)

SD0807S:        Clarify expected time of completion for MLA 680 (APC 23)

SD0907S:        Addition of a new concentration in Literature/Language: Creative Writing with 9-12 English Licensure  (APC 6)

SD1007S:        Consolidating Modern Physics I and II into one course, PHYS 326;
                       Expanding Quantum Mechanics into two courses, PHYS 414 and 418 (APC 7)

SD1107S:        Changing Requirements for Physics with Teacher Licensure  (APC 8)

SD1207S:        Changes to Physics major, minor and prerequisite requirements to reflect the addition of PHYS 326, 414 and 418  (APC 9)

SD1307S:        Dropping CHEM 144 as a Requirement in Physics.  Adding MATH 365 as a Requirement  (APC 10)

SD1407S:        Add PORT prefix for Portuguese courses; Add new courses, PORT 110, 120 and 300  (APC 11)

SD1507S:        Clarification of hours required in culture and language courses in Classics  (APC 12)

SD1607S:        Addition of Concentration in Classical Studies to Classics  (APC 13)

SD1707S:        Changes to major competency requirement in Classics  (APC 14)

SD1807S:        Adding New World History Courses:  HIST 382, 388 and 389  (APC 15)

SD1907S:        Changes titles and descriptions of HIST 303 and 308; Change title for HIST 348  (APC 16)

SD2007S:        Adding new American History courses, HIST 304 and 319  (APC 17)

SD2107S:        Changing Category IV in History from Other to World  (APC 18)

SD2207S:        Delete HIST 354, 355 and 361  (APC 19)

SD2307S:        Change description of PHIL 200; Delete PHIL 301 and 309; Add new course PHIL 312  (APC 20)

SD2407S:        Change in number of hours and maximum credit for MLA 610  (APC 21)

SD2507S:        Clarify Approval Process for Project Proposals in MLA 670  (APC 22)

SD2607S:        Reinstatement of MLA 690  (APC 24)

SD2707S:        Addition on Special Topics to the MLA curriculum  (APC 25)

SD2807S:        Sense of the Senate Resolution

SD2907S:        Sense of the Senate Resolution

SD3007S:        Standards of Shared Governance on the 16 UNC Campuses (Adopted by the Faculty Assembly of UNC April 2005) (EC 1)

SD3107S:        Change Course Descriptions for DRAM 362 and 462  (APC 27)

SD3207S:        Separate ARTH 310: Greek and Roman Art, into two courses: ARTH 311 and ARTH 312  (APC 30)

SD3307S:        Change requirements for declaring a concentration in Art History  (APC 31)

SD3407S:        Add a new course ARTH 381: Art in Latin America  (APC 32)

SD3507S:        Clarify the 9 hours of required courses outside the department of Art History  (APC 33)

SD3607S:        Delete Math 212 and 216. Remove co-requisites for MATH 211 and 215  (APC 34)

SD3707S:        Change intro. PSYC requirement for teacher licensure students to include PSYC 102 as an option  (APC 35)

SD3807S:        Reinstate EDUC 340 as required course in the K-6 licensure program.  Reduce credit hours for EDUC
                       322 from 4 to 3. Editorial changes to listing of required courses for K-6 licensure  (APC 36)

SD3907S:        Revision of ECON 380 and ECON 480; Editorial change in graduation requirements  (APC 37)

SD4007S:        Change the prerequisite for MATH 191  (APC 38)

SD4107S:        Replace MGMT 320 with MGMT 325  (APC 40)

SD4207S:        Change Course Description and Title of MGMT 460  (APC 41)

SD4307S:        Change Information Systems Requirement for Accounting  (APC 42)

SD4407S:        Change Management Competency Exam Criteria  (APC 43)

SD4507S:        Adding new European History Courses:  HIST 357 and 358.
                       Adding HIST 357 and 358 to Women’s Studies Options  (APC 44)

SD4607S:        Prerequisite Changes to PHYS 221 and PHYS 222  (APC 26)

SD4707S:        Increase the offering of DRAM 111 and 144; Change semester DRAM 124 is offered  (APC 28)

SD4807S:        Add prerequisites to DRAM 244 and 245 and change times offered. 
                       Modify course description for DRAM 245  (APC 29)

SD4907S:        Change Prerequisite for ACCT 330 (APC 39)

SD5007S:        Proposal to Establish the Environmental Quality Institute at UNCA  (IDC 1)

SD5107S:        Sense of the Senate Resolution

                       (Statement to send Standards of Shared Governance to FWDC who will incorporate these standards into the

                       Standing Rules for passage in Fall)

SD5207S:        Add DRAM 380 Methods and Management in Teaching Theatre, Grades 6-12 (4).
                       Change required courses for Theatre Arts Licensure.  (APC 45)

SD5307S:        Delete the section for Library Research.  (APC 46)

SD5407S:        Proposal to Revise University Relations Faculty Advisory Committee
                       (Revises SD0790F; Faculty Handbook 10.3.10)  (FWDC 2)

SD5507S:        Proposal to Revise the membership of the "Library, Information Resources and Technology Committee
                       Committee" (Revises SD0706F; Faculty Handbook 10.4.4)  (FWDC 3)

SD5607S:        Proposal to Eliminate the Women’s Studies Advisory Committee
                       (Revision of SD8203S; Faculty Handbook 10.4.24)  (FWDC 4)

SD5707S:        Proposal to Change Membership on Sexual Harassment Advisory Committee
                       (Revision of SD8103S; Faculty Handbook 10.4.28)  (FWDC 5)

SD5807S:        Increase the number of credit hours for EDUC 316;
                       Drop EDUC 317 from the requirements for Foreign Language licensure  (APC 47)

SD5907S:        Change to requirements for Pure Mathematics concentration.
                       Change in departmental approval procedure for required courses  (APC 49)

SD6007S:        Change the prerequisite for MATH 480  (APC 50)

SD6107S:        Add new courses:  MMAS 101, 201, 255, 350, 450  (APC 51)

SD6207S:        Delete the Sound Recording Emphasis Area  (APC 52)

SD6307S:        Change the prerequisite requirement for MMAS 121  (APC 53)

SD6407S:        Edit requirements for the MMAS major and minor  (APC 54)

SD6507S:        Establishing Minimum Requirements for Minor Programs  (APC 55)

SD6607S:        Reinstate CSCI 142: Computer Programming I (FORTRAN)  (APC 56)

SD6707S:        Adding a Minor in Astronomy  (APC 57)

SD6807S:        Delete ASTR 380; Change title and prerequisite for ASTR 411;
Add new courses: ASTR 412, 430, 431; Change prerequisites for ASTR 321, 322  (APC 58)

SD6907S:        Adding 6-9 teacher licensure as an option to the Psychology major;
Required editorial changes resulting from the addition  (APC 59)

SD7007S:        Delete EDUC 313 from required courses for 6-9 Social Studies licensure; 
Clarify requirement of the Humanities sequence for Social Science licensure  (APC 60)

SD7107S:        Add new courses: ECE 109 & ECE 209; Delete ECE 480 and add EGM 482;
hange credit hours and description for ECE 200  (APC 61)

SD7207S:        Changes to Degree Requirements in Mechatronics  (APC 62)

SD7307S:        Clarify credits allowed for CHEM 190, 290 and 390  (APC 63)

SD7407S:        Clarify students may not receive credit for more than one section of LSIC 179 and 379  (APC 64)

SD7507S:        First-Year Student Suspension Policy  (APC 65)

SD7607S:        Change how World and Western Civilization courses are applied to HIST 151 and 152  (APC 66)

SD7707S:        Adding Undergraduate Research to Art History  (APC 48)

SD7807S:        Proposal to Eliminate all References to the First Year Experience Program in the Faculty Handbook
                       including the First Year Experience Advisory Committee (Revises SD27998;
                       Faculty Handbook Sections,, 10.4.15, 10.4.19 and 11.2)  (FWDC 6)

SD7907S:        Proposal to Establish the Sustainability Committee as a Standing Committee
                       (Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.6) (FWDC 7)

SD8007S:        Proposal to Establish the Safety and Health Committee as a Standing Committee and Revisions
                       to Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.6  (FWDC 8)

SD8107S:        Proposal to Eliminate the Recreation Committee (Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.14)  (FWDC 9)

SD8207S:        Proposal to Eliminate the Violence Prevention Committee (Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.31)  (FWDC 10)

SD8307S:        Proposal to Revise the Faculty ILS Oversight Committee
                       (Revises SD0703F, SD0304F and SD0105F; Faculty Handbook 10.3.8)  (FWDC 11)

SD8407S:       Proposal to Revise the University Planning Council  (IDC 2)



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