Senate Document Number 8407S


Date of Senate Approval 05/03/07


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


IDC 2: Proposal to Revise the University Planning Council

(Revision of SD4201S; Faculty Handbook Section 10.1.1)


The University Planning Council, recreated in the spring of 2007, functioned, in a previous form, as an advisory committee to the Chancellor and the Faculty Senate for over two decades after it was first constituted in 1980-81.




The University Planning Council provides a context for sharing information and making recommendations to the Chancellor as requested by the Chancellor or the campus community with respect to matters of budget, programs, planning, state administration, mission, and campus life.




  1. Assist in the development, communication, and implementation of University planning.
  2. Participate in the annual setting and communicating of University budget priorities.
  3. Review periodically the University mission, goals, values, and strategic plan, and progress towards realizing these.
  4. Provide advice to the Chancellor about monitoring institutional effectiveness.
  5. Help respond to UNC System initiatives and directives.
  6. Meet periodically with the Board of Trustees as appropriate to discuss these or similar issues.




         8 members of the faculty, including the 6 members of the Institutional Development Committee, the remainder appointed by the senior academic officer

         4 members of the staff, one of whom is selected by CSAC and the remainder appointed by the Chancellor

         2 students, one of whom is selected by SGA and one appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


         Vice Chancellors (Academic Affairs, Finance and Operations, Student Affairs, Alumni and Development)

         Chief of Staff

         Director of Institutional Research

         Chief Information Officer

         Director of Human Resources


Appointments will be made by the end of the spring semester and, where possible, for two-year staggered terms. Unexpected openings will be filled by consultation of the Chair and the Vice Chair.




The Chancellor will serve as Chair and the Chair of the Institutional Development Committee will serve as the Vice Chair.