FACULTY SENATE


Senate Document Number    5107S


Date of Senate Approval      03/15/07



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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

Senate of the Senate Resolution

In order to fulfill the responsibility imposed on the faculty by the final paragraph (Compliance) of the Standards of Shared Governance on the 16 UNC Campuses document, the Senate charges the Faculty, Welfare, and Development Committee, in consultation with the Institutional Development Committee, to modify the Faculty Senate’s Standing Rules and Rules of Order as needed to better position the faculty to be able to implement part 3 of the Administration-Faculty Collegiality section of the Shared Government Document. The Committee should consider both substantive changes in duties and structural and procedural modifications which enhance the faculty’s ability to assert its influence in areas where it has "an appropriate interest but not primary responsibility."

Among the matters FWDC should consider are the wisdom of reviving the University Planning Council system and mechanisms for assessing the degree to which faculty and administrative policies, decisions, and activities are consistent with and contribute to the University’s Mission Statement, the University Community Council’s statement on the Shared Values of Our University and UNCA’s planning documents.

FWDC will also add to the duties of the Senate Executive Committee the responsibility of producing a brief summary report of the degree to which faculty participated in decisions which the Shared Government Document specifies are relevant.

Such changes as are deemed necessary will be incorporated into the Standing Rules and Rules of Order to be adopted when the Senate reconvenes in the fall to begin its 2007-2008 sessions.