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Senate Document Number     0907S


Date of Senate Approval      01/18/07



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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:



APC Document  6:                                Addition of a new concentration in Literature/Language: 

                                                            Creative Writing with 9-12 English Licensure


Effective Date: Fall 2007



1.         Add:     On pg 166, after the section on English with Teacher Licensure:


Creative Writing with Teacher Licensure

This concentration is designed for candidates who, in addition to completing the concentration in Creative Writing, wish to study the skills required for English Licensure.


I.    Required courses in the major—39 hours, including: LIT 241, 321, 322, 323, 324, 352; 354 or 356; 3 hours from 483, 485, 487, or 489; LANG 323, 6 hours from LANG 353-465; 3 hours from LANG 461-465; LANG 497. Note: an internship experience cannot be used to fulfill one of the LANG course requirements.

     II.     Foreign language requirement—A minimum of 6 semester hours.

           III.    Required Education courses—See Education section for Secondary School Licensure

(9-12) requirements.

           IV.   Other departmental requirements—A two-part demonstration of competency in the              

discipline, including a written examination and a Senior Creative Writing Project; an additional demonstration of oral competency will be fulfilled by a required public reading of creative work in the senior year. Computer competency is demonstrated in LANG 497.




The addition of 9-12 licensure to the Creative Writing concentration will not significantly impact future staffing needs of the affected departments. 



Creative Writing students are excellent candidates for licensure because they take multiple courses in writing, as well as in literature. In their creative writing courses, they have practiced both the process of producing original texts and the process of reviewing and evaluating the works of other students.  Through peer and professor review of their own work, and review of the works of fellow students, Creative Writing students have learned the important skills of critical response to others’ texts as well as revising their own texts in response to criticism.  Thus, they can draw on their extensive experience in teaching others to write well and to read and write about literature.


Discussions between the departments of Education and Literature/Language were initiated when several Creative Writing students requested to be considered for 9-12 English licensure. The chairs of Literature and Language and Education, and the director of the Creative Writing program concur with the addition of this new concentration which will enable Creative Writing students to consider licensure in 6-9 Language Arts and 9-12 English.