FACULTY SENATE


Senate Document Number     0706F


Date of Senate Approval      11/30/06



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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:



FWDC 1:    Proposal to establish the "Library, Information Resources and Technology Committee" as a new standing committee replacing the Computing & Telecommunications Committee and the Library & Media Services Committee (Replaces SD7403S; Faculty Handbook Sections 6.5.3; 10.4.4; 10.4.13).



Effective Date:  Immediately


Delete:      6.5.3 Computer and Telecommunications Committee Grants (formerly 6.2.3)

10.4.4 Computer and Telecommunications

10.4.13 Library and Media Services Advisory Committee


Replace with the following:

10.4.4      Library, Information Resources and Technology Committee



The Committee engages in short and long-range planning for the establishment of facilities,  services, and information content to meet the learning, research, and administrative needs of UNC Asheville.  The Committee will seek campus input by means of fixed-term “study teams” charged to explore topics of immediate interest and coordinated by a member of the Committee.  Analyses produced by the study teams are expected to produce policy and/or resource allocation recommendations for consideration by the Committee and further recommendation for action to the Chancellor’s Senior Staff.  In addition, the Committee will recommend to the Senior Staff, Chancellor, and Board of Trustees, a Library, Information Resources, and Technology Strategic Plan and will biennially recommend changes to the adopted plan.  The Committee will be convened by the Chief Information Officer who will make an annual report on the status of information resources and technology to the Faculty Senate and the Provost.


Appointed by the Faculty Senate* for staggered 3 year terms:
            (2)  Members of the Humanities faculty
            (2)  Members of the Social Sciences faculty
            (2)  Members of the Natural Sciences faculty

*The Faculty Senate should attempt to balance the membership between tenured and non-tenured faculty.



(1)  SGA residential senator

(1)  SGA commuter senator

(1)  UNCA student to be appointed by the Student Government Association


Ex Officio, voting


Chief Information Officer, convener

            Associate University Librarian for Public Services


Ex Officio, nonvoting

            Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance or designee

            Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or designee

            Vice Chancellor for Development or designee

Assistant Director of ITS for Applications

            Assistant Director of ITS for Systems, Networks, & Security

            Manager, ITS User Support

            Director, Center for Teaching & Learning

            Web manager


Recommendations & Reports to:   

Chancellor’s Senior Staff, Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Faculty Senate