FACULTY SENATE


Senate Document Number     2907S


Date of Senate Approval      02/08/07  


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


Sense of the Senate Resolution:


The Faculty Senate of the University of North Carolina at Asheville, North Carolina’s designated Public Liberal Arts University, calls upon the appropriate administrative authorities to reverse the termination of Dr. Maggie Weshner until the end of this academic year.  This would facilitate a less disruptive conclusion to the therapeutic relationship for our students currently under Dr. Weshner’s care.  It would also allow Student Affairs to call upon and benefit from her experience as the division begins discussing the reorganization of health services.



Chancellor Anne Ponder’s response:

Senate Document Number 2907S




Although the original personnel decision will remain unchanged, the individual consideration for a long-term employee is still an important factor. The university’s consideration for Maggie Weshner has included, from the beginning, an extension of pay status for 11 months. In the intervening weeks, an additional option has since been extended for her to join MAHEC in a collaboration with the university on our Health & Aging initiatives.  Either option is currently available to her and the choice is hers.


The transition of all student-clients has been addressed throughout the past six weeks, and adjustments to the original timeline for transition have been made, based on Dr. Weshner’s recommendations. She has given permission for me to share with you that she is fully comfortable with the transition of all of her clients.