FACULTY SENATE


Senate Document Number    4407S


Date of Senate Approval      03/15/07


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document  43:                              Change Management Competency Exam Criteria



Effective Date: Fall 2007



1.  Delete:         On pg 173, under General Requirements for Management, item IV, the first sentence:


Demonstration of degree competency is fulfilled by successful completion of a comprehensive exam.  



     Add:            On pg 173, in place of deleted entry:


Students must take and pass the management competency exam within one year prior to

graduation as their demonstration of degree competency.  The exam is administered during the fall and spring semesters only, not during the summer.




There will be no impact on resources.  We have been administering this exam for several years and will continue to follow the procedures we have used in the past. The impact on students is that they now must wait until their last two semesters to take and pass the exam.  If they pass the exam more than one year prior to graduation, they will be required to retake and pass the exam.



Clarifying these parameters assists students in understanding degree requirements and planning a timetable for taking the exam. In addition, this change protects the integrity and validity of the management competency exam. This change prevents students from taking the exam multiple times at any point during their degree program. They must now wait until they have taken the bulk of their management classes, which is crucial since the purpose of the exam is to assess degree competency upon completion of the core curriculum and to provide feedback for the department.