FACULTY SENATE


 Senate Document Number    8007S


 Date of Senate Approval      05/03/07


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


FWDC 8:           Proposal to Establish the Safety and Health Committee as a Standing Committee and Revisions to Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.6.

Effective:          Immediately

Delete from Faculty Handbook:
            The entire text under Section 10.4.6:       The Energy and Safety Committee

Add the following:

Title:                 Safety and Health Committee

To ensure that UNCA, as a state agency, implements a safety and health committee structure that provides management and non-managerial involvement in the on-going responsibility of providing a safe work environment. The safety committee will also provide insight into safety planning and training


1. Review all safety and health policies and procedures established by UNCA.

2. Review incidents involving work-related fatalities, injuries, illnesses or near-misses.

3. Review employee complaints regarding safety and health hazards.

4. Analyze the agency’s work injury and illness statistical records.

5. Conduct inspections of worksites at least annually and in response to complaints regarding safety or health hazards.

6. Conduct interviews with employees in conjunction with inspections of the workplace.

7. Review agency’s training records to ensure compliance with regulatory training requirements

8. Conduct meetings at least once every three months. Maintain written minutes of such

meetings and send copies to each committee member. Copy of minutes shall be

posted in the appropriate workplace.

9. Designate Employee Safety and Health Representative(s) to accompany representatives from regulatory agencies (i.e. NCOSHA, NC Department of Insurance, NC Division of Environment and Natural Resources) during safety and health inspections

of the workplace.

10. Make written recommendations on behalf of the committee to the next

highest safety and health committee and/or agency head.



·         Four faculty, each serving a two year term (staggered); appointed by FWDC

·         Radiology Officer

·         OSHA Officer

·         Director of Public Safety

Recommendations to:  the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Operations

Reports to:  the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations

Each state agency is required to create safety and health committees to perform workplace inspections, review injury and illness records, make advisory recommendations to the agency head and managers, and perform other functions determined by the State Personnel Commission to be necessary for the effective implementation of the State Employees Workplace Requirements Program for Safety and Health. Each agency should structure their committees to ensure employee involvement at all levels within the organization.