2009-10 Senate Documents

2009-10 Senate Documents


SD0109F:    Establish new course, ATMS 230, FORTRAN for Meteorologists to replace CSCI 142 (APC 84)

SD0209F:    Sunsetting Courses (APC 85 - Minor)

SD0309F:    UNCA Mission Statement (IDC 1)

SD0409F:    Standing Rules and Rules of Order (2009-10)

SD0509F:    Sense of the Senate Resolution re: BOT removing "Small by choice" from Mission Statement

SD0609F:    Recommended Guidelines: Delivering the Curriculum at UNC Asheville (EC 1)

SD0709F:    Revision to Post Tenure Review (revision of SD0208F, Faculty Handbook 3.7) (FWDC 1)

SD0809F:    Revision to UNC-Asheville Phased Retirement Policy (Revision of SD2098S; Faculty Handbook 2.11.2) (FWDC 2)

SD0909F:    Proposal to change term of Faculty Athletics Representative (Faculty Handbook 10.5.11) (FWDC 3)

SD1009F:    Proposal to Establish a Major in Anthropology (IDC 2)

SD1109F:    Proposal to Eliminate the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (Revision of SD4002S; Faculty Handbook (IDC 3)

SD1209F:    Sense of the Senate Resolution re: change to 2009-2010 academic calendar

SD1310S:    Student Learning Outcomes (EC 2)

SD1410S:    Elimination of Reading Licensure Program (APC 1)  

SD1510S:    Elimination of B-K Licensure Program (APC 2)

SD1610S:    WMST Program Title and Curricular Change to Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS)  (APC 4)

SD1710S:    Divide ACCT 317 into two courses: ACCT 317 (lecture) and ACCT 320 (laboratory) (APC 5)

SD1810S:    Add new course, MGMT 388, Leading Organizational Change; Add MGMT 388 to list of electives in
                   Business Management and Administration concentration (APC 6)

SD1910S:    Addition of new course, LIT 346, Readings in Gender and Sexuality (APC 7)

SD2010S:    Allow CLAS 340 to be repeated for credit (APC 8)

SD2110S:    Remove IP grading designation for CLAS 495 (APC 9)

SD2210S:    Add new course, ENVR 107, Natural History of the Southern Appalachians (APC 10)

SD2310S:    Change course description for ENVR 330 (APC 11)

SD2410S:    Change couse description for ENVR 336 (APC 12)

SD2510S:    Delete ENVR 354, Management of Hazardous, Municipal and Solid Wastes (APC 13)

SD2610S:    Change in the number of required hours for the Concentration in Ecology and Environmental Biology (APC 14)

SD2710S:    Change requirements for Earth Science Licensure concentration (APC 15)

SD2810S:    Revise requirements for Environmental Studies minor (APC 16)

SD2910S:    3-Year Academic Calendars 2010-2011; 2011-2011; 2112-2013 (APC 17)

SD3010S:    Electronic Student Rating of Instruction; Handbook Section  (FWDC 4)

SD3110S:     Revision to Institutional Review Board (SD0393F, Faculty Handbook 10.4.20)  (FWDC 5)

SD3210S:    Add option for IP grading in ART 400 (APC 18)

SD3310S:    Change studio hour requirement for B.A. in Studio Art (APC 19)

SD3410S:    Delete ART 100 and 103; Add new courses, ART 110 and 111 (APC 20)

SD3510S:    Delete ART 101, 102 and 345 renumbering to ART 112, 113 and 114, respectively (APC 21)

SD3610S:    Change Advanced Placement credit for Art (APC 22)

SD3710S:    Allow Studio Art Minor for the B.A. concentration in Art History (APC 23)

SD3810S:    Change requirement from a comprehensive exam to capstone project for the Minor in Art History (APC 24)

SD3910S:    Allow ARTH 460: Issues in Art History to be repeated as content varies (APC 25)

SD4010S:    Add new course, ARTH 302: Internship in Art History (APC 26)

SD4110S:    Add new course, ARTH 484: Senior Research Seminar I (APC 27)

SD4210S:    Change title and description for ARTH 485: Senior Research Seminar to ARTH 485: Senior Research Seminar II (APC 28)

SD4310S:    Change requirement for Art History capstone project to two semesters (APC 29)

SD4410S:    Catalog changes resulting from deletion of ART 100, 101,102, 103 and 345, and addition of ART 110, 111, 112, 113 and 114, respectively (APC 30)

SD4510S:    Add new course, LIT 340, Internship (APC 31)

SD4610S:        Addition of new course, LIT 367, Writers of the Beat Generation (APC 32)

SD4710S:        Delete PSYC 101 and 102, replacing with PSYC 100; Change to major requirements in PSYC (APC 33)

SD4810S:        Editorial changes required by deleting PSYC 101 and 102 and replacing them with PSYC 100 (APC 34)

SD4910S:        Delete PSYC 318; Replace with PSYC 319 (APC 35)

SD5010S:        Editorial changes in EDUC required by curriculum changes in PSYC 101/102 and PSYC 318 (APC 36)

SD5110S:        Changes to the Middle School Licensure Program (APC 37)

SD5210S:        Change EDUC 310 to 210; Change EDUC 311 to 211 (APC 38)

SD5310S:         Delete EDUC 396 and 496; Change description and credit hours for EDUC 455; Add new course, EDUC 456 (APC 39)

SD5410S:        Editorial Changes within the Education Department (APC 40)

SD5510S:        Remove the repeat option for Math 381 (APC 42)

SD5610S:        Change prerequisites for STAT 220 and STAT 225 (APC 43)

SD5710S:        Add new course, SOC 380, to curriculum (APC 44)

SD5810S:        Add Minor in Asian Studies (APC 45)

SD5910S:        Add minimum GPA requirement for minors (APC 46)

SD6010S:        Update and Clarification of Incomplete Grade Policy (APC 47)

SD6110S:        Add new course, BIOL 320, Marine Biology (APC 48)

SD6210S:        Addition of CHEM 132 as a pre- or corequisite for BIOL 115 (APC 49)

SD6310S:        Create a new course, BIOL 357, Mycology (APC 50)

SD6410S:        Change course description for BIOL/ENVR 442 (APC 51)

SD6510S:        Change course description for BIOL 110; Change course name and description for BIOL 334; Change course name and description for BIOL 335 (APC 52)

SD6610S:        Change in the requirements for the Minor in AFST (APC 53)

SD6710S:        Update In-Progress Grade Policy (APC 55)

SD6810S:       Add New Course Prefixes within MLA Program; Change degree requirements for MLA (APC 63)

SD6910S:       Remove the Industrial and Engineering Management Major from the catalog (APC 60)

SD7010S:        Addition of new courses: MGMT 362, 364, 465, 482 (APC 61)

SD7110S:        Addition of an Operations Management Concentration in Management (APC 62)

SD7210S:       Sense of the Senate Resolution on the 2010-2011 North Carolina State Budget

SD7310S:        Editorial Changes outside of the Education Department (APC 41)

SD7410S:        Change AP credit for U.S. History (APC 54)

SD7510S:        Delete SPAN 320 from Spanish curriculum (APC 56)

SD7610S:        Add new course, SPAN 345, Spanish for Business; Add new course, SPAN 498, Senior Seminar in Spanish (APC 57)

SD7710S:        Change course descriptions for SPAN 481, 482 and 495 (APC 58)

SD7810S:        Change requirements for major and minor in Spanish (APC 59)

SD7910S:        Change titles and course descriptions for HW 100, 101, 102, 103 (APC 64)

SD8010S:        Edit the introductory narrative for Health and Wellness Promotion (APC 65)

SD8110S:        Add new courses to the HWP curriculum: HWP 190, HWP 250, HWP 294  (APC 66)

SD8210S:        Change prerequisites for HWP 335, HWP 380, HWP 390  (APC 67)

SD8310S:        Change course descriptions for HWP 225 and HWP 310  (APC 68)

SD8410S:        Change title, description and credit hours for HWP 420 (APC 69)

SD8510S:        Change course number and description for HWP 325 (APC 70)

SD8610S:        Change course description for HWP 459 (APC 71)

SD8710S:        Change major and minor requirements for HWP (APC 72)

SD8810S:        Add new elective courses to the HWP curriculum: HWP 315, 316, 317, 320, 343, 365, 401 (APC 73)

SD8910S:        Editorial changes to courses requiring a course from HWP 152-155 as a prerequisite (APC 74)

SD9010S:        Change course titles for MMAS 151, 222, 322, 330 (APC 75)

SD9110S:        Add new course, MMAS 342 to the curriculum (APC 76)

SD9210S:        Change MMAS 255 to 344 (APC 77)

SD9310S:        Editorial changes to Aesthetics and Social Awareness (APC 78)

SD9410S:        Add new courses, NEUR 216 and 480; Changes to Requirements for Minor in Neuroscience (APC 79)

SD9510S:        Increase credit hours for POLS 220 and resulting editorial changes (APC 80)

SD9610S:        Delete ATMS 105, replacing it with ATMS 111 and 113, Understanding the Atmosphere (APC 81)

SD9710S:        Editorial Changes resulting from deletion of ATMS 105 and addition of ATMS 111 and 113 (APC 82)