Senate Document Number†† 7010S


Date of Senate Approval†††† 04/08/10




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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document 61: †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Addition of new courses: MGMT 362, 364, 465, 482



Effective Date: Fall 2010



1.†† Add: †††††††††††††† On pages 198 and 199, in the appropriate places:


362 ††††††† Advances in Quality Control (3)

Proactive rather than reactive principles of quality control. The course includes history of current quality control organizational practices, examines attribute and variable control charts, six sigma, six sigma lean, and short run control charts, explores experimental design using Taguchi Methods, and reflects on future methods and techniques. Prerequisite: STAT 185 or 225 or PSYC 202. Even years Fall.


364 ††††††† Inventory and Supply Chain Management (3)

Concepts in planning, controlling and managing the operations function of manufacturing and service organizations. The course includes advanced inventory theory, forecasting, purchasing, materials management, logistics, purchasing systems, supplier-based strategies, price-cost management, value analysis. Prerequisites: ACCT 216 or 317, ECON 306, MGMT 380, and STAT 185 or 225 or PSYC 202. Odd years Spring.

465 ††††††† Operations Research (3)

Introduction and application of operations research techniques and optimization theory as they are applied to problem solving. Methods covered include transportation and assignment models, the revised simplex method, queuing theory, network flow analysis, multiple criteria decision making (MCDM), advanced inventory models, and Lagrange multipliers. Prerequisite: STAT 225, MGMT 380. Spring.


482 ††††††† Operations Senior Design Project (3)

A semester long designing project with a participating host organization in the Western North Carolina area. The course consists of a specific project involving the designing of a management system. The course is normally scheduled during a studentís senior year. Specific information is available from the coordinator of the operations concentration. An IP grade may be awarded at the discretion of the instructor. Prerequisite: MGMT 465. Fall and Spring.

Impact Statement:

No additional resources will be required. The Industrial and Engineering Management major is being eliminated and a Management concentration in Operations Management is being proposed. These four courses will be required for that concentration and will be phased into the departmental offerings. Four departmental courses required for the Industrial and Engineering Management major will be phased out. Courses being phased in and equivalent courses being phased out will not be offered in the same semester, thereby eliminating the need for additional resources. Appropriate substitutions in studentsí requirements will be made during the phase-in/phase-out period.



While the Industrial and Engineering Management major has been highly successful in terms of the satisfaction of its majors and the contributions they have made to the business community, it was deemed to have low productivity and is being removed from departmental offerings. In its place, we have developed a new concentration, Operations Management, that we believe is appropriate for the University. This concentration should be attractive to students who are interested in pursuing a Management major with a focus in the more technical aspects of management and management research. There is currently a demand for management leaders who have knowledge of operations management theory and practice. Graduates with a background in operations management should be able to add immediate value for their employers. These four courses will support this new concentration.