Senate Document Number    5810S


Date of Senate Approval      04/08/10



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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:



APC Document 45:                                                                          Add Minor in Asian Studies



Effective Date: Fall 2010



1.  Add:                 On page 179, before the entry for Interdisciplinary Studies: Legal Studies (LEGL)



Associate Professor Subramaniam (Director)


Minor in Asian Studies


The Asian Studies minor offers interdisciplinary courses which have a substantial Asian focus and/or content. Students must complete at least 19 hours for the minor including 13 hours in HIST 381, PHIL 313, POLS 369 and RELS 280. The additional 6-7 hours, chosen from the courses listed below, must come from two departments. Appropriate courses may be substituted with the approval of the director.


                HIST       380     Imperial China (3)

                HIST       383     Women in China (3) 

                HIST       384     History of Japan (3) 

                HIST       388     Introduction to Islam (3)

                LIT          349     Studies in Contemporary Literature: Intro to Postcolonial Literature (3)

                PHIL       352     Contemporary Philosophy: Gandhi & King: Peace & Non-Violence (3)

                POLS      366     Democracy in Asia (4) 

                POLS      380     Globalization & Its Critics (4) 

                RELS       381     Religions of South Asia (3) 

                RELS       386     Buddhism (3) 

                                RELS       388     Introduction to Islam (3) 


499         Undergraduate Research in Asian Studies (1-6)

Independent research under the supervision of a faculty member. An IP grade may be awarded at the discretion of instructor. May be repeated for a total of 6 hours credit. See director.


171-6, 271-6, 371-6, 471-6             Special Topics in Asian Studies (1-6)

Courses not otherwise included in the catalog but for which there may be special needs. May be repeated for credit. See director for approval.


                179, 379, 479      Liberal Studies Colloquia (LS 179, 379, 479)

Colloquia offered to fulfill ILS requirement. See Liberal Studies for course descriptions. May not be used to fulfill minor requirements.




The Asian Studies Minor is interdisciplinary. Faculty from many departments will be involved in the teaching of courses and minors will be drawn from a diverse group of majors.  The impact on institutional resources is minimal since this minor is constituted by courses already in the offerings in many departments across the University. Its resource and curricular impact would consist of an increase in enrollments of students taking interdisciplinary courses with Asian content. 



Asian Studies is a well established minor in most top-ranked liberal arts colleges in the country, particularly with Asia’s growing relevance in this globalized world. Since UNC Asheville is one of the top ranked public liberal arts universities in the country, our students would be well served by an Asian Studies Minor. The interdisciplinary and global content of the Asian Studies Minor would offer new opportunities for our students to acquire substantive knowledge of this region of the world as they prepare to be global citizens.  The Asian Studies Minor would be consistent with the goals of the UNC Asheville mission statement of students developing an understanding of the connections among disciplines, cultivating an understanding of the dimensions of human diversity while recognizing the common humanity of all, as well as a commitment to informed engagement with a diverse and increasingly connected world. Finally, the Asian Studies Minor would help UNC Asheville achieve one of the goals of UNC Tomorrow of students developing necessary skills to thrive in a knowledge-based global economy.




2.  Add:                 On page 43, in list of minors, after Art History:


                                                Asian Studies


3.  Add:                 On page 60, in list of abbreviations, after Arts:


                                                Asian Studies                     ASIA







Editorial to include the new minor and prefix in the catalog listings