Senate Document Number    7210S


Date of Senate Approval      05/06/10


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


University of North Carolina at Asheville

Senate Resolution

Approved by the Faculty Senate: 

Approved by the Chancellor:  





Whereas, education plays a vital role in our State’s future economic health and the aspirations of millions of North Carolina families; and,


Whereas, an educated and highly skilled workforce is necessary for the economic progress of the State; and,


Whereas, the University of North Carolina System plays a leadership role in educating the people of our State and in the overall economic growth of North Carolina; and,


Whereas, continued excellence depends upon sustained, adequate funding; and,


Whereas, the projected budget cuts are alarming, especially following budget cuts over the past two years; and,


Whereas, the budget cuts will limit access to higher education for many residents of our State at a time when higher education enrollments are growing; and,


Whereas, academic reputations are built slowly over many years, and once compromised cannot be easily regained; and,


Whereas, the University of North Carolina General Administration estimates that any budget cuts in excess of 2% would harm the academic core of the University and significantly reduce the quality of academic instruction and student experiences at all UNC campuses; and,


Whereas, the University of North Carolina has already absorbed approximately $300 million or 29% of the current state budget reversions while the University represented only 13% of the total state budget; and,


Whereas, the proposed state budget currently recommends a reduction of 5.9% or $154 million (a 3.9% reduction on top of the existing 2% cut) for the UNC System; and,


Whereas, 75% of the state budget allocated to the UNC System supports personnel expenses making it impossible to absorb large cuts without eliminating more jobs; and,


Be It Resolved that the Faculty Senate of the University of North Carolina At Asheville urges the State Legislature to prevent the most serious erosion in the quality of higher education in North Carolina by providing sufficient and appropriate funding for higher education by restricting additional budget cuts to no more than 2% ; and,


Be It Further Resolved that the State budget include full funding for need-based financial aid to ensure access to higher education for the people of the State of North Carolina; and,


Be It Further Resolved that the State Legislature appropriately continue its historical commitment and attention to our State’s higher education needs as envisioned in the original Act of Incorporation (1789) for the University of North Carolina by providing adequate higher education funding to ensure “the happiness of a rising generation, and endeavor to fit them for an honorable discharge of the social duties of life by paying attention to their education.”