FACULTY SENATE


 Senate Document Number    1109F


 Date of Senate Approval      12/03/09


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


IDC 3:               Proposal to Eliminate the Institutional Effectiveness Committee
Revision of SD4002S; Faculty Handbook



Effective Date: Immediately



Rationale:    This committee does not function. 



Delete:           In the Faculty Handbook, under Section : Institutional Effectiveness Committee (revised by SD4002S; SD4301S)

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee serves as an advisory group for UNCA's Institutional Effectiveness process.


  • The periodic review and, if necessary, revision of the Institutional Effectiveness process, procedures and reporting format.
  • Providing advisory services on assessment and planning to any administrative or academic unit.
  • Providing a forum for the sharing of assessment techniques and practices.
  • Providing assessment information, as appropriate, to the University Planning Council for its use in reviewing institutional-level goals.
  • Raising campus consciousness about the importance of assessment.

Though the department self-study process has been replaced with the Departmental Effectiveness reports, departments that wish to conduct a comprehensive self-study, make major changes in curriculum or organization, and use external consultants, can conduct these activities on a voluntary basis. IEC may recommend to UPC that a department conduct a comprehensive self-study.


The committee will be composed of six members, one of whom will be permanent based upon his/her regular duties and connection to assessment efforts. The members are as follows:

  • Director of Institutional Research (Chair)
  • Administrative representative appointed by Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Administrative representative appointed by Vice Chancellor for Administration and Financial Affairs
  • Administrative representative appointed by Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Administrative representative appointed by Vice Chancellor for University Relations
  • One member of the Faculty Senate Institutional Development Committee

Membership Terms

The Director of Institutional Research is a permanent member. Administrative representatives are appointed for staggered three-year terms and should be directly involved with the effectiveness process in their Vice Chancellor area. The Faculty Senate member is appointed annually by the Institutional Development Committee.

Recommendations to:   Provost