FACULTY SENATE


Senate Document Number    1410S


Date of Senate Approval      01/21/10

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:



APC Document 1:                     Elimination of Reading Licensure Program



Effective Date:   Fall 2010



1.   Delete:        On p. 120, under First Areas of Licensure, the last bulleted item in the list:


Kindergarten–12 (K–12): Art, Foreign Language (French, German and Spanish),

Reading and Theatre Arts.


     Add:            On p. 120, in place of deleted entry:


Kindergarten–12 (K–12): Art, Foreign Language (French, German and Spanish), Theatre Arts


2.   Delete:        On p. 122, the entire entry for Reading Licensure, K-12.



3.  Delete:        On p. 126, EDUC 389, Methods and Materials for Diagnosing and Correcting

Reading Difficulties, K-12



4.   Delete:        On p. 126, EDUC 390, Research Methods in Reading, K-12



5.   Delete:        On p. 127, EDUC 490, Research and Seminar in Corrective Reading in the

Curriculum, K-12



6.   Delete:        On p. 245, under Psychology with Teacher Licensure:


                        B-K, 6-9, or K-12


      Add:           On p. 245, in place of deleted entry:


                        B-K or 6-9




Because of very low enrollment, the elimination of the Reading Licensure Program will have minimal impact on the Education Department and the Psychology Department.  K-12 Reading Program completers have averaged one per year over the last five years.  Currently, students in the program include: one student teacher, two students formally admitted, and one student who has been informally advised in the program. The department will ensure that these candidates can complete this licensure program through independent studies or alternative courses that meet the competencies required for this area of licensure.



Since the enrollment for the capstone methods course, EDUC 389 Reading Diagnosis, has averaged only one or two students each year, instructors have been required to offer the course as an independent study. Given the Department of Education’s efforts to increase enrollment in classes and to decrease the need for adjunct faculty, staffing this course is no longer feasible. We have made sustained efforts to recruit candidates in this area of licensure, but there has not been an increase in enrollment, partly due to the lack of jobs for undergraduate-trained teachers in reading. Therefore, we have made this decision to phase out this licensure area.