Index of Senate Documents


SD0107F:    Standing Rules and Rules of Order

                   (Standards of Shared Governance incorporated)

SD0207F:    Change in UNC Faculty Assembly Charter

SD0307F:    Sense of the Senate Resolution
                    (VC for Alumni & Development report annually on the status of academically related
                    non-departmental "specialty funds")

SD0407F:    Sense of the Senate Resolution (endorses alternate language of UNC Faculty Assembly
                    regarding changes to the Code of BOG, Section 603/604

SD0507F:     Proposal to Establish a Student Affairs Faculty Advisory Committee as a Standing Committee
                    (Faculty Handbook Section 10) (FWDC 1)

SD0607F:    Sense of the Senate Resolution  (endorses the principle of a differential rate
                    (in student parking fees) and applauds the students for their initiative.) 

SD0707F:    Intent to Plan Anthropology major in Sociology Department  (IDC 2)

SD0807F:    Change the frequency of offerings for MATH 191 and 480.  (APC 1)

SD0907F:    Change credit-hour limit for MATH 499 and STAT 499. (APC 2)

SD1007F:    Adding New Literature and Language Courses: LIT/LANG 368 and LANG 466.  (APC 7)

SD1107F:    Prerequisite Changes to LANG 461, 463, 465, 497, 499. (APC 8)

SD1207F:    Add requirements for declaring a Concentration in Creative Writing. (APC 9)

SD1307F:    Add new courses, LANG 368 and 466 to list of available courses for Creative Writing minor;
                  Add an application to the process for declaring a minor in Creative Writing.  (APC 10)

SD1407F:    Add new course: PHYS 107, Introductory Physical Sciences. (APC 11)

SD1507F:    Changes to requirements for Minor in Classics. (APC 12)

SD1607F:    Addition of ENVR 360 to the list of Ecology and Biology electives for ENVR majors in
Ecology and Environmental Biology. (APC 13)

SD1707F:    Change of course title and description of ENVR 341; Adding BIOL 342 and cross listing it
                    with ENVR 341. (APC 14)

SD1807F:     Change credit hours for EDUC 314; Reduce hours in licensure areas requiring EDUC 314.
                    (APC 15)

SD1908S:    Change narrative for MLA; Reduce number of years allowed for completion of program. 
                    (APC 3)

SD2008S:    Change the course descriptions for MLA 520, 540, 670 and 680.  (APC 4)

SD2108S:    Change the course descriptions for MLA 670 and 680.  (APC 5)

SD2208S:    Change requirements for the MLA degree.  (APC 6)

SD2308S:    Add the option for Special Topics in Portuguese  (APC 16)

SD2408S:    Add PORT 210 and 220  (APC 17)

SD2508S:    Change in Required Courses outside the Major for the Statistics Concentration (APC 18)

SD2608S:     Addition of new course, MATH 397, Chaos and Fractals (APC 19)

SD2708S:    Change in Required Courses for Applied Math  (APC 20)

SD2808S:    Addition of MATH 394 Differential Equations to required courses for Pure Mathematics
                    Concentration (APC 21)

SD2908S:    Change the narrative for the BA concentration in Art History (APC 22)

SD3008S:    Change use of the term Non-Western to: African, Asian and Latin American Art History
                    (APC 23)

SD3108S:    Change required courses for the concentration in Art History (APC 24)

SD3208S:    Change the descriptions of ARTH 360 and 365  (APC 25)

SD3308S:    Add ARTH 386: Arts of the African Diaspora; Add ARTH 410: Modern Art of Brazil and
                    Mexico (APC 26)

SD3408S:    Delete Studio Art requirements for Art History minor and replace w/Art History courses;
                   Change Art History minor requirements to allow students to complete a research project  
                    (APC 27)

SD3508S:    Proposal to Establish a Textbook Committee as a Standing Committee

SD4108S:    Remove MGMT 421 as an elective option for Health and Wellness Promotion majors
                    (APC 32)

SD4208S:    Delete ACCT 303; Change course descriptions and credit hours for ACCT 301, 302, and
                    317; (APC 33)

SD4308S:    Change Management Concentrations (APC 34)

SD4408S:    Remove MGMT 220 as a requirement for ACCT, MGMT and IEM Majors;
                    Change Computer Competency requirement (APC 35)

SD4508S:    Change requirements for declaring major in Management (APC 36)

SD4608S:    Change prerequisites for MGMT 352, 386, 398, 453, 464, 480, ACCT 417 and 418 (APC 37)

SD4708S:    Remove MGMT 220 as prerequisite for courses (APC 38)

SD4808S:    Change Course Description for ACCT 416; Change Title of MGMT 386 (APC 39)

SD4908S:    Change Requirements for Declaring a Major in Sociology (APC 40)

SD5008S:    Delete SOC 310 from curriculum; Add new course, SOC 337 (APC 41)

SD5108S:    Changing Selected POLS courses from 3 to 4-credit hours (APC 42)

SD5208S:    Change titles and descriptions of POLS 329, 359, and 385. (APC 43)

SD5308S:    Addition of laboratory component to descriptions of Biology courses (APC 44)

SD5408S:    Delete MCOM 101, 102, 325, 364 and 494 (APC 45)

SD5508S:    Change credit hours for MCOM 301 and 311; Change credit hours and descriptions for
                    VMP 303 and 305; Change description for VMP 307  (APC 46)

SD5608S:    Add three new courses in Environmental Studies: ENVR 315, ENVR 324, and ENVR 365
                    (APC 47)

SD5708S:    Add Minor in Neuroscience  (APC 48)

SD5808S:    Adding Prerequisite to Philosophy 255  (APC 50)

SD5908S:    Addition of HWP 257, Internship Exploring Career Choices (APC 51)

SD6008S:    Change the title and description for MCOM 421; Add a prerequisite to MCOM 499;
Change prerequisites for VMP 437 and 439; Change description & prerequisite for VMP 493
                      (APC 52)

SD6108S:    Reinstate MCOM 343 and 345; Add new courses, MCOM 369 and VMP 359  (APC 53)

SD6208S:    Change requirements for Mass Communication majors; Add concentrations in MCOM 
                    (APC 54)

SD6308S:    Changes to MMAS major requirements as necessitated by MCOM curriculum change 
                    (APC 55)

SD6408S:    Change prerequisites/corequisites for MUSC 364 and 365  (APC 56)

SD6508S:    Move catalog placement and change descriptions of MUSC 191-192; 291-292; 391-392;
                   491-492; Change descriptions of MUSC 493-494  (APC 57)

SD6608S:    Change course descriptions for MUSC 385, 387, 484, 485, 486, 487  (APC 58)

SD6708S:    Add new course, INTS 354, The Nuclear Dilemma  (APC 59)

SD6808S:    Change description of ANTH / SOC 225; Change description of SOC 335;
                    Change description of ANTH / SOC 336; Change description of ANTH / SOC 455;
Change description of ANTH / SOC 465  (APC 60)

SD6908S:    Change requirements for General Sociology  (APC 61)

SD7008S:    Change requirements for Concentration in Anthropology  (APC 62)

SD7108S:    Change requirements for Sociology with Teacher Licensure  (APC 63)

SD7208S:    Delete EDUC 355 and replace it with EDUC 386; Remove EDUC 318, 321 and 351 as
                    required courses for B-K Teacher Licensure Program  (APC 64)

SD7308S:    Change descriptions for EDUC 317 and 344  (APC 65)

SD7408S:    Remove EDUC 318 and 345 from requirements for K-6 Licensure  (APC 66)

SD7508S:    Change in List of Elective Courses for AFST Minor  (APC 67)

SD7608S:    Change course description for WMST 400  (APC 49)

SD7708S:    Proposal to establish a Faculty Scholarship and Awards Committee as a Standing Committee  (FWDC 8)
                    [renames the Feldman Committee]

SD7808S:    Proposal to revise the University Research Council (Revision of SD0981F; Hdbk 10.3.5)
                    (FWDC 9)

SD7908S:    Proposal to revise the University Service Council (Revision of SD5204S; Hdbk 10.3.7)
                    (FWDC 6)

SD8008S:    Proposal to establish a UNCA Research Misconduct Policy  (FWDC 5)

SD8108S:    Proposal to establish New Faculty Mentor Program Coordinators (FWDC 7)

SD8208S:   *** Repealed by SD0318F****
                   Proposal to revise the Professional Development Leave Policy
                    (formerly Off-Campus Scholarly Assignment)
                    (Revision of SD4506S; Handbook 4.1.4)  (FWDC 10)

SD8308S:    Sense of the Senate Resolution re: Perceptions of Administrative Offices Survey

SD8408S:    Sense of the Senate Resolution re: Parking fees

SD8508S:    Proposal to revise the Position Allocation Committee
                    (Revision of SD1904S; Hdbk 10.4.3) (EC 2)


Index of Documents Approved as Minor Proposals

SD7608S:    Change course description for WMST 400  (APC 49)