FACULTY SENATE

Senate Document Number     7208S

Date of Senate Approval     04/24/08

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document  64:                                          Delete EDUC 355 and replace it with EDUC 386; Remove EDUC 318, 321 and 351 as required courses for Birth-Kindergarten Teacher Licensure Program

Effective Date: Fall 2008


1.  Delete:  On page 119, the entry for EDUC 355:

                  355       Infant-Toddler Internship and Seminar (4)
Places students in inclusive, center-based settings for infants and toddlers, and provides periodic opportunities to conduct home visits.  This field-based experience will provide the opportunity to implement assessment and instructional strategies to this age group.  Students must be in their internship placements 6 hours per week and attend a weekly seminar to coordinate field experiences with research-based knowledge. To be taken as part of the Professional Year prior to the Student Teaching semester. Prerequisites:  EDUC 318, 341; PSYC 318, 345; formal admission to the department. Fall and Spring.


Add:     On page 120, new course and description:

                  386       Infant-Toddler Internship and Seminar (4)
This course places students into two inclusive settings. The first placement is in a center-based setting that accommodates both infants and toddlers. The time spent in
this setting is split between the two age groups. The second placement is in a public
school Kindergarten. This field-based experience provides the opportunity to
implement assessment techniques and supply subsequent instructional strategies to those in each age group. Students must be in their internship placements 6 hours per week. They will spend 6 weeks in the infant and toddler setting and 8 weeks in the Kindergarten setting. Additionally, students must attend a weekly seminar to coordinate field experience with research-based knowledge. This course is to be taken as part of the Professional Year prior to the Student Teaching semester.  Prerequisites: EDUC 341, 361; PSYC 318, 345; formal admission to the department. 
Fall and Spring.


identifies for students and instructors the time entailed in each placement.

Rationale: This course has been reviewed and approved by DPI as meeting required Standards for
Birth-Kindergarten licensure: 


2.  Delete:         On page 115, under Birth-Kindergarten Licensure (B-K), item I:

I.    Required courses in Education – 33 hours, including: EDUC 310, 311, 318, 321, 331,
341, 351, 355, 361, 396, 455, 496.

Add:           On p.115 in place of deleted entry

386, 396, 455, 496.

33 credit hours are currently required in the B-K Licensure Education program. Reducing the number of required credits to 26 still allows the B-K Licensure program to meet the standards designated by NCDPI. Students will be able to complete the requirements for a major in Psychology as well as be licensed by the state to teach birth-kindergarten age students in a more reasonable amount of time.

In the licensure programs offered at UNC Asheville, requirements vary according to the area of concentration that accompanies the licensure field. In the B-K Licensure program, a major in Psychology is required since it best complements aspects of child development and cognition. Unfortunately the large number of credits required between the two areas often results in students spending extensive amounts of time to complete the dual requirement. These changes will help streamline the program. Additionally, there has been much overlap and redundancy in course content among the two areas. By removing some of the required Education courses, we hope to eliminate the repetition of content. 
Much of the content of EDUC 318, Teaching Language and Literature: Children’s Literature Lab, K-6 is addressed in EDUC 361, Emergent Literacy and Language Development. Students are taught to foster literacy by selecting appropriate books, developing book awareness, conducting read-alouds, and supporting emergent readers. The advantage to children’s literature being addressed through EDUC 361 is that developmentally appropriate materials and strategies are stressed.
As part of the Psychology major, students are required to take PSYC 318, Psychology Applied to Teaching. EDUC 321, Early Childhood Development is redundant in content to PSYC 318, which addresses developmentally appropriate educational practices, cognitive development from birth through adolescence, learning, theories of intelligence, assessment, and application of the above to typical and atypical individuals. Both courses address child development as it relates to teaching. EDUC 321 will no longer be required since the content needed for teaching will be covered in PSYC 318. Taking only PSYC 318 will meet NCDPI standards and reduce the credit-hour load of B-K Licensure students.
EDUC 351, Social Diversity in B-K Education will no longer be required since the course content is covered in other courses. As part of the Psychology major, students are required to take PSYC 200, Social Psychology, which addresses social relationships, attitudes, and cultural influences. Licensure students are also required to take EDUC 310. This course addresses topics related to cultural and socio-economic issues. B-K students will also be encouraged to take PSYC 344, Community Psychology, as their 300-400 level elective course for the Psychology major, as an additional means of addressing NCDPI diversity standards.
Both EDUC 321 and 351 will remain part of the B-K curriculum until all students currently matriculating in the program have completed it. All students new to the program will follow the new curriculum.