FACULTY SENATE


Senate Document Number     1407F


Date of Senate Approval      11/29/07


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:



APC Document  11:            Add new course: PHYS 107, Introductory Physical Sciences



Effective Date: Fall 2008                                                          



1. Add:       On page 218, new course, PHYS 107



      107:      Introductory Physical Sciences (4)

                  A foundational physical science course with laboratory for non-science
majors covering the laws of physics and their application to
astronomy, chemistry, and the Earth sciences. Emphasis is placed on
scientific reasoning and critical thinking through interactive
web-based technology. Spring.


Impact: The faculty member who will be teaching this course is giving up reassigned time each Spring in order to teach this course. The department will be able to offer this course each Spring.



1. Provides another Laboratory ILS Science Course for the General Student. The proposed course would give another alternative to general UNCA students in choosing their natural science lab course. The course would be especially suited for students interested in an interdisciplinary lab science course that introduces them to the physical sciences.


2. Online Initiative. This course is being offered (Special Topics, Spring 2008) as part of the UNC Online initiative to provide increased access to a science course for prospective elementary and middle grade K-8 teacher candidates who need an additional science course for licensure. North Carolina is currently experiencing a critical shortage of science teachers, which is addressed in the National Academy of Sciences Report, Rising Above the Gathering Storm. UNC Asheville is one of four pilot campuses awarded a Burroughs Welcome Grant to increase the number of science teachers in our state. By providing broad access to this course for students attending any UNC system school, UNC Asheville has the potential to increase the number of students selecting science education. In addition, this 4-hour class is responsive to research that suggests that teachers with strong content knowledge and teaching skills improve the performance of their students.