FACULTY SENATE


Senate Document Number     3208S


Date of Senate Approval      02/14/08


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document 25:                                           Change the descriptions of ARTH 360 and 365


Effective Date: Fall 2008


1.  Delete:         On pg. 68, the description for ARTH 360:


                              360             Modern Art and Modernism (3)

This course explores the critical concept of Modernism as it applies to European and American art of the first half of the 20th century. Lectures are supplemented with class discussions, theoretical and historical readings, and written assignments on the topic. Fall.


Add:           On pg. 68, in place of deleted entry:


            360             Modern Art and Modernism (3)

This course explores the concept of Modernism within a set of artistic practices and critical debates concerning major aesthetic developments, key people, and significant art works from the late 1840s through 1945. Fall.


Impact:  The proposed change clarifies the course content and the dates relevant to the Modernist period in Art History.


Rationale:  The existing description is not specific enough.




2.  Delete:         On pg. 68, the title and description of ARTH 365:


                              365             Art Since 1960 (3)

This class examines art produced since 1960, emphasizing primarily developments in the       United States and Europe. Attention will be given to the social, historical, and political context of this period in order to explore the relationship of societal change to shifts in art-making practice, aesthetic concerns and interests, and the emergence of non-traditional formats of art such as Performance, Installation, and New Media. Spring.



Add:           On pg. 68, in place of deleted entry:


            365             Art Since 1945 (3)

This course examines artistic production since 1945 in the United States, Europe, and emerging global centers of art.  Beginning with Abstract Expressionism and ending with present day forms of new media, this course highlights recent shifts in art-making practices and their relation to changing social, cultural, and historical circumstances.  Spring.


Impact:  The proposed change alters the date of the periods in which course begins and extends the regions beyond the US and Europe to include emerging art centers.


Rationale:  The existing description is too limited.  Between the ARTH 360: Modernism course (which ends in 1945) and this contemporary art history course (which would begin in 1960), 15 years are left unaddressed.