FACULTY SENATE


Senate Document Number     8108S


Date of Senate Approval      04/24/08



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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


FWDC 7:     Proposal to Establish a Mentoring Program for New Faculty and

                  Establish the service positions of two Faculty Mentoring Program Coordinators

                  (Faculty Handbook Sections 4.1 and 10.5)


Effective Date:  Immediately



To officially create a Mentoring Program for New Faculty and to insure its success by establishing Faculty Mentoring Program Coordinators as service assignments.


1.         Add to the Faculty Handbook, Section 4.1:


            4.1.9     Mentoring Program for New Faculty

            The New Faculty Mentoring Program is a volunteer program that welcomes new colleagues to UNC Asheville and provides support as they adapt to the culture, expectations, and pace of our institution.  New faculty are matched with experienced faculty who act as personal mentors during the coming years.  Mentors volunteer for the program and new faculty have the opportunity to meet and select their personal mentors. Faculty are encouraged to pair with mentors from a different academic department so that they can benefit from an objective and confidential partnership and begin to form connections with colleagues outside of their home departments.  For tenure-track faculty members, mentors can serve as confidential advisors during the progression towards contract renewal, tenure and promotion.  In addition to opportunities for private mentoring meetings, participating faculty and mentors are invited to a series of social gatherings each semester.


2.         Position Descriptions

            Add to the Faculty Handbook, Section 10.5:


            Item 10.5.12   Faculty Mentoring Program Coordinators


 Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

·         Contacting new faculty members in spring/summer

·         Recruiting faculty mentors in spring/summer

·         Develop a calendar of events for the academic year spring/summer (including three gatherings throughout year and at least two cultural event outings)

·         Attend new faculty orientation session to describe mentoring program in fall

·         Complete mentor/mentee assignments by beginning of fall semester

·         Maintain contact with mentees between mentoring events

·         Administer end-of-year evaluation to both mentors and mentees to assess program




The Faculty Senate will elect two coordinators from two different program areas for staggered, renewable, two year terms. There should be one male and one female coordinator, one a junior faculty member (at least 3 years at UNCA) and the other a senior faculty member. These appointments will be made in April of the preceding academic year to empower the coordinators to seek out volunteer mentors and plan initial activities well in advance of the arrival of new faculty. 

Because coordinating this program is time-consuming, it is suggested that faculty who serve as coordinators be protected from other significant service assignments.


Recommendations to:  Provost

Reports to:  Provost


As our colleague Tucker Cooke noted many years ago, the success of new faculty rests not only on their ability to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Their ability to develop connections and relationships with colleagues is a third critical factor.  A Faculty Mentoring Program is an important component of UNC Asheville’s other faculty development activities (e.g. new faculty/new chair orientation, professional development programs through the Center for Teaching and Learning).  A successful mentoring program requires identified coordinators who are committed to providing this important experience. The logical way to ensure this success is by appointing program coordinators through the Faculty Senate.


Initially, one coordinator will serve a three-year term and the other will serve a two-year term.