FACULTY SENATE


 Senate Document Number     5208S


 Date of Senate Approval      04/10/08


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


APC Document 43:                   Change titles and descriptions of POLS 329, 359, and 385. 


Effective Date: Fall, 2008



1.         Delete:  On page 222, the title and course description for POLS 329:


                     329    Politics of Religion (3)

A study of the relationship of church and state, political attitudes of individuals identified with religious groups, and the political process of decision making found in religious bodies. Even years Fall.


            Add:     On page 222, in place of deleted entry:


   329    Religion and Politics in the United States   (4)

Politics and religion are inextricably linked as both seek to improve the human condition.  In the United States, however, there has been a uniquely systematic effort to separate the two realms.  This course examines that endeavor, the ideas behind it, whether it is possible, and some of its many consequences.  Prerequisite: POLS 220, or permission of instructor. Odd years Spring.

2.         Delete:  On page 224, the title and course description for POLS 359.


   359    Public Policy (3)

A study of specific policies at the national level. Current issues are selected which serve as case studies of interest groups, parties, bureaucracy, executive, legislative and judicial influences. Odd years Fall.


Add:     On page 224, in place of deleted entry:


               359    Politics, Policy and Social Democracy (4)

Explores the types of public goods and services the U.S. government provides for citizens including children, women, the elderly, workers, and the unemployed. Current policies including health care, Social Security, education, civil rights, poverty programs, national security and safety are among the topics covered.  Prerequisite:  POLS 220. Even years Spring.  



3.         Delete:  On page 225, the title and course description for POLS 385:


   385    The Politics of War (3)

Explores the causes, conduct and impact of war. Emphasis is placed on forces that induce states to select war as a policy choice, and the impact wars have on a participating state’s social, economic, and political organization and dynamics. Prerequisite: POLS 281. Even years Spring.


Add:     On page 225, in place of deleted entry:


   385    Politics and War (4)

By considering war a political process, this course examines the functions war performs in the international system, why states select war to resolve disputes, how preparing for and fighting war affects the internal politics of states, and the unique relationship between war and democratic societies.  Prerequisite: POLS 281. Odd years Spring.




The courses fit into the normal rotation for the faculty members teaching them.  The only impact is the switch to a four-credit version of the course.



The revised course descriptions more accurately reflect the focus of each course.  The three courses have also been tested as four-credit special topics courses and course evaluations and senior exit interviews indicate greater student satisfaction with the expanded version of the classes.