1997 - 1998

SD0197F:  Interdisciplinary Studies: Redefinition of IST listings, recataloging of non-departmental-based programs, and establishing criteria for IST course selection (APC 1)

SD0297F:  Establishment of Aesthetics Advisory Committee (FWDC 1)

SD0397F:  Phased Retirement Institutional Guidelines (FWDC 2)

SD0498S:  Deletion of SOC 210 as a Requirement for the Sociology Major (APC 3)

SD0598S:  Allowing 410 to Satisfy the Economics Department's Demonstration of Competency and addition of Internship and Statistical Proofs Course (APC 4)

SD0698S:  Adds an Introduction to the Mathematics Catalog listing, Moves Statistics Course Listings to the Mathematics Section, Changes Requirements for all tracks in the Major, Adds a Research Course, and Modifies some Prerequisites and Course Titles (APC 5)

SD0798S:  Changes in Prerequisites for Atmospheric Sciences Courses (APC 6)

SD0898S:  Modifications to Computer Science 121, 128, 201, 255, 434, and 448 (APC 7)

SD0998S:  Addition of Required Research Course and Increase in Hours Required for MLA Degree (APC 8)

SD1098S:  Addition of Classics Minor (APC 9)

SD1198S:  Revision of German 350 and 351 and Their Incorporation into Requirements for the Major and Minor (APC 10)

SD1298S:  Modification of French 300 Course (APC 11)

SD1398S:  Revises upper-level Spanish Course Offerings, Titles, and Descriptions (APC 12)

SD1498S:  Resolution to Chancellor Reed concerning capital campaign report

SD1598S:  Changes in Department Description, Prerequisites, Course Listings, and Concentration Tracks for the Department of Management and Accountancy (APC 13)

SD1698S:  Course in Interdisciplinary Studies in Mediation (APC 14)

SD1798S:  Arts 310 Course Description (APC 15)

SD1898S:  Enrollment Service Committee (FWDC 3)

SD1998S:  University Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee (FWDC 4)

SD2098S:  Revisions for Phased Retirement Institutional Guidelines (FWDC 5) revision of SD0397F

SD2198S:  Policy on Post-Tenure Review (FWDC 6)

SD2298S:  Modifies Description of the Humanities Program and HUM 214; Changes the Title and Number of HUM 224 and the Titles of 214 and 414; Adds Special Topics Courses of the Humanities Listing (APC 16)

SD2398S:  Additions to ARTS 310 Workshop List (APC 17)

SD2498S:  Interdisciplinary Studies 253: Perspectives on Leadership (APC 18)

SD2598S:  Addition of ENVR 390 to Environmental Studies (APC 19)

SD2698S:  Requirements for Social Studies Licensure for Economics, Political Science, and Sociology Majors, the Entry Statement for Social Studies Licensure for History Majors, and Structural Alterations in EDUC 344 (APC 20)

SD2798S:  Requirements for Declaring a Sociology Major (APC 21)

SD2898S:  Editorial Disclaimer (APC 22)

SD2998S:  Changes to Withdrawal Policy (APC 23)

SD3098S:  Clarification of Requirements for a Minor and a Post-Baccalaureate Major (APC 24)

SD3198S:  Sense of the Senate: Honoring Mel Blowers

SD3298S:  Creation of Art Seminar and Revision of the Bachelor of Arts Emphasis (APC 25)

SD3398S:  Special Topics in Education (APC 26)

SD3498S:  Art Education Licensure Statements (APC 27)

SD3598S:  Sense of the Senate: No adjustments to UNCA's Capital Projects Priority List which displaces classroom building construction or renovation will be made without the recommendation of the Faculty Senate.

SD3698S:  Sense of the Senate: Faculty Senate does not support UNCA's filing an intent to establish an MAT degree by the July 1, 1998 deadline.

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