2015-16 Senate Documents

2015-2016 Faculty Senate Documents Spreadsheet

2015-16 Faculty Senate Legislation

SD0115F:        2015-16 Standing Rules and Rules of Order 

SD0215F:        Revision of the Student Affairs Faculty Advisory Committee (Faculty Handbook Section 10.3.13 (SD0507F)) (FWDC 1) 

SD0315F:        Dissolving the Sexual Harassment Advisory Committee (Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.28) (FWDC 2) 

SD0415F:       Revision to Description of Task Forces on Faculty Workload, Faculty Salary and Equity and Student Rating of Instruction (FWDC 4)  

SD0515F:       Add new courses, EDUC 230, 231, 305, 342, 348, 349, 384 for a new area of licensure in Special Education (APC 1)  

SD0615F:       Add K-12 Special Education: General Curriculum Licensure to EDUC licensure areas (APC 2)  

SD0715F:       Remove PSYC 319 from the requirements for Elementary Education (K-6), and add EDUC 230 (APC 3)  

SD0815F:       Dissolving the Teaching Fellows Advisory Committee (FWDC 3)  

SD0915F:       Change and clarification to the special topics course requirements in the Honors Program (APC 4)  

SD1015F:       Change to ARTS 310 description and credit hours (APC 5)  

SD1115F:       Change course descriptions of MUSC 231, 232 and 331 (APC 6)  

SD1215F:       Delete MUSC 302 and MUSC 332; Add new course, MUSC 340, Advanced Topics in Music Theory (APC 7)  

SD1315F:      Change in the procedure for granting Honors credit for Transfer and Study Abroad courses (APC 8)  

SD1415F:       Time Limit on Academic Credit Policy (APC 9)  

SD1515F:       Graduation/Commencement Modification Proposal (APC 10)  

SD1615F:      Reinstate MATH 489, Professional Internship (APC 11)  

SD1715F:       Add STAT 329, Big Data Analytics, cross-listing it with CSCI 329 (APC 12)  

SD1815F:       Reinstate PSYC 368, Psychology of Close Relationships (APC 13)  

SD1915F:       Delete ASTR 105, replacing with ASTR 101 and 111 (APC 14)  

SD2015F:      Application for Exceptions to Credit Caps on Majors (APC 15) Appendix A 

SD2115F:       Revision of Membership for University School Teacher Education Council (USTEC) (FWDC 5)  

SD2215F:       Annual Evaluation of Faculty receiving Family and Medical Leave (FWDC 7)  

SD2315F:       Move the Dance minor from Health and Wellness (IDC 2)  

SD2416S:       Delete HIST 330, World War II (APC 16)  

SD2516S:       Change HIST 309 from 3 to 4 hours (APC 17)  

SD2616S:       Add new courses: HIST 331, 339, 359, 369 (APC 18)  

SD2716S:       Remove the word “Perspectives” from the titles of HIST 332, 333 and 334 (APC 19)  

SD2816S:       Revise Advanced Placement (AP) Credit for History; Revise International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit for History (APC 20)  

SD2916S:       Delete HIST 210, replacing with HIST 101 and 102; Delete HIST 220, replacing with HIST 151 and 152 (APC 21)  

SD3016S:       Change requirements for the major and minor in History (APC 22)  

SD3116S:       Renaming the Department of Literature and Language to the Department of English, and subsequent editorial changes (APC 23)  

SD3216S:       Delete LANG 461, 463 and 466 (APC 24)  

SD3316S:       Add new course, LIT 398, Integrating Literary Skills & Knowledge (APC 25)  

SD3416S:       Delete LIT 494, replacing it with LIT 497 and 498 (APC 26)  

SD3516S:       Change Requirements for all Major Concentrations in the Department of English; Change Requirements for the Minor in English and the Minor in Creative Writing (APC 27)  

SD3616S:       Add new course, CLAS 322, World Archaeology and Culture, cross-listing it with Anthropology and Art History (APC 28)  

SD3716S:       Change CLAS 354, 356 and 383 from 3 to 4 credit hours, and revise the descriptions (APC 29)  

SD3816S:       Clarification of Greek or Latin Language Requirement for the Classical Studies Concentration (APC 30)  

SD3916S:       Change Requirements for Classics Minor (APC 31)  

SD4016S:       Delete CHEM 332, 335, 336, 428, 440 (APC 32)  

SD4116S:       Delete CHEM 236 and 328, replacing with CHEM 233; Delete CHEM 334, replacing with CHEM 331; Delete CHEM 436 and 437, replacing with CHEM 323 and an updated course description and title for CHEM 437 (APC 33)  

SD4216S:       Change prerequisites for CHEM 222; Change title and description of CHEM 429; Change description of CHEM 430 (APC 34)  

SD4316S:      Delete CHEM 237, 314, 315, 413, 435 (specialized chemistry laboratory courses), replacing with CHEM 312 (an integrated laboratory course); Delete CHEM 406, 407 and 408 (research courses), replacing with CHEM 409; (APC 35)  

SD4416S:       Add CHEM 223, 419, 434, 438, 439, 446 (APC 36)  

SD4516S:       Change the narrative for Chemistry, and change the major and minor requirements for Chemistry (APC 37)  Appendix A

SD4616S:       Policy for Replacing Standing Committee Members (Add under Faculty Handbook section 10.4.1) (FWDC 8)  

SD4716S:       Relationship between FMLA and other leaves (FWDC 9)  

SD4816S:       Increase the credit hours for DRAM 145 from 1 to 2; Revise the hours required for the major in Drama (APC 38)  

SD4916S:       Change prerequisite for DRAM 415 (APC 39)  

SD5016S:       Change requirements for declaring a major in Drama (APC 40)  

SD5116S:       Revise the description of ENVR 381; Add new course, ENVR 358, Agriculture (APC 41)  

SD5216S:       Change the Chemistry requirement for Environmental Studies and update the Earth Science Licensure requirements (APC 42)  

SD5316S:       Delete BIOL 455 from Catalog (APC 43)  

SD5416S:       Add course, BIOL 134, Experimental Design, Analysis and Presentation (APC 44)  

SD5516S:       Delete BIOL 123 and 124, replacing with BIOL 125 and 126 (APC 45)  

SD5616S:       Change AP and IB exam equivalencies (APC 46)  

SD5716S:       Delete BIOL 115, replacing with BIOL 135; Change BIOL 116 to BIOL 136, revising description (APC 47)  

SD5816S:       Revise the course descriptions for BIOL 339, 344, 360, 423, 480 and 499 (APC 48)  

SD5916S:       Revise the narrative introduction for Biology; Revise the requirements for the Biology major (APC 49)  

SD6016S:       Change the requirements for the minor in Biology (APC 50)  

SD6116S:       Edit prerequisites for BIOL 210, 211, 333, 345 and 351 based on curriculum changes in Biology (APC 51)  

Biology Appendix 1

Biology Appendix 2

SD6216S:       Change the titles of POLS 220, 261, 320, 351 (APC 52)  

SD6316S:       Add new courses: POLS 318, 333 and 336; Delete POLS 385 (APC 53)  

SD6416S:       Change the credit hours for POLS 290; Delete POLS 460, adding the content to POLS 490, changing the credit hours for POLS 490 from 2 to 4 credits (APC 54)  

SD6516S:       Change Requirements for the Major in Political Science and Political Science with Teacher Licensure (APC 55)  

SD6616S:       Amendment to the approved Academic Calendars 2016-17 and 2017-18 (APC 61)  

SD6716S:       Changes to Prerequisites for MGMT 130, 230, 300, 388 and 480 (APC 56)  

SD6816S:       Changes to the Experiential Learning Options for the Management Major (APC 57)  

SD6916S:       Changes to the Leadership and Music Business Emphasis Areas in the Management Major (APC 58)  

SD7016S:       Changes to Competencies for Management and Accounting (APC 59)  

SD7116S:       Change the ARTH 381 course description to accurately reflect the time period covered by the course (APC 60)  

SD7216S:       Reinstate MUSC 207, Conducting (APC 62)  

SD7316S:       Revise the course description for LANG 120 (APC 63)  

SD7416S:       Faculty Reassigned Time Policy (FWDC 11)  

SD7516S:       Modifications to Post-Tenure Review (FWDC 12)  

SD7616S:      Add new course, IST 200, Ideas to Action (APC 64)  

SD7716S:       Delete INTS 495; Revise the description of INTS 494, incorporating a thesis option; Revise major and competency requirements for the International (APC 65)  

SD7816S:       Change course descriptions for ASIA 201 and 202, Intermediate Chinese I and II (APC 66)  

SD7916S:       Move the Dance minor from Health and Wellness (APC 67)  

SD8016S:       Request to Establish a Graduate Certificate Program in Environmental and Cultural Sustainability (APC 68)  

SD8116S:       Change description of PSYC 362, cross-listing it with NEUR 362 (APC 69)  

SD8216S:       Music Department Petition for Exemption to Credit Caps Outlined in SD 1814F (APC 70)  

SD8316S:       Delete MUSC 235, Contemporary Writing and Production; Add new course, MUSC 150, Foundations of Jazz and Contemporary Music (APC 71)  

SD8416S:       Add new courses: MUSC 295 and 296, Jazz and Contemporary Theory and Practice I, II (APC 72)  

SD8516S:       Increase credit hours for MUSC 393 and 394, adding MUSC 296 as a prerequisite to MUSC 393 (APC 73)  

SD8616S:       Change Major Requirements for BFA in Jazz and Contemporary Music (APC 74)  

SD8716S:       Add registration hold language to major declaration policy (APC 75)  

SD8816S:      Delete SPAN 120; Delete SPAN 210 and 220, replacing them with SPAN 230; Delete SPAN 481 and 482, replacing them with SPAN 483; Delete SPAN 345, 400, 410 and 495 replacing them with SPAN 491 and 492; Delete SPAN 498 (APC 76)  

SD8916S:       Change the credit hours and descriptions of SPAN 300, 310, 330, 332, 440, 499 and Spanish Special Topics Courses (APC 77)  

SD9016S:       Change the Major and Minor Requirements for Spanish (APC 78)  SPAN Schedule

SD9116S:       Changes in Emeriti Faculty Designation (FWDC 10)  

SD9216S:       Changes to Standing Faculty Committees (FWDC 13)  

SD9316S:       Add new course, HWP 356, Health and Wellness Coaching Techniques (APC 79)  

SD9416S:       Change titles, credit hours, course descriptions, prerequisites, and/or terms offered for HWP 190, 223, 224, 250, 265, 310, 355, 459 (APC 80)  

SD9516S:       Revise the major requirements for Health and Wellness Promotion And Health and Wellness Promotion with Teacher Licensure; (APC 81)  

SD9616S:       Amend a portion of SD0615F, “Add K-12 Special Education: General Curriculum Licensure to EDUC licensure areas”, approved by Faculty Senate on November 5, 2015 (APC 82)  

SD9716S:       Add Environmental and Cultural Sustainability Certificate to the MLAS Curriculum (APC 83)  

SD9816S:       Revision to Application for Exceptions to Credit Caps on Majors (APC 84)  

SD9916S:       Adding Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Clusters (APC 85)  

SD10016S:      Adding an Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Cluster in Food, Food Systems and Culture (APC 86)  

SD10116S:       Revision of Faculty Handbook 7.4 Academic Calendar (FWDC 14)  

SD10216S:       Revision of CTF Dossiers (FWDC 15)  

SD10316S:       Creation of the rank of Senior Lecturer (FWDC 16)  

SD10416S:       Joint Engineering Program’s Petition for Exemption to the Major/LAC Credit Hour Cap (APC 87)  

Supplemental Document 1 to SD10416S

Supplemental Document 2 to SD10416S

SD10516S:       Change JEM Program Description and Objectives (APC 88)  

SD10616S:       Delete EGM 180, 360, 484, 485 and EGM 171-4, 271-4, 371-4, 471-4 and the heading Courses in Engineering-Mechatronics (EGM), changing the courses to JEM 180, 360, 484 and 485, and increasing the credit hours of JEM 360 and 485 (APC 89)  

SD10716S:       Add new courses: ECE 306, Embedded Systems, JEM 123, Introduction to Computer Aided Design for Mechatronics Engineering, and JEM 420, Mechatronics Systems Modeling (APC 90)  

SD10816S:       Change the title of ECE 455 from Computer Control of Robots to Industrial Robotic Systems; Change the course number of MAE 301 to MAE 201; Change the course number of MAE 314 to MAE 214, removing corequisite from 214; Change the pre- and corequisites for ECE 211 and ECE 456 (APC 91)  

SD10916S:       Delete E 115, Introduction to Computing Environment (APC 92)  

SD11016S:       Change Requirements for Engineering with a Mechatronics Concentration (APC 93)  

SD11116S:       Add Special Topics courses in Engineering (APC 94)  

Sent to FWDC:       Proposal on LAC Committee (APC 95)  

SD11216S:       Change of Post-Baccalaureate Study options (APC 96)  


2015-16 Sense of Senate Resolutions

SSR0115F:       Sense of the Faculty Senate on Proposed Appliance Policy

 SSR0215F:       Sense of the Faculty Senate on of Congratulations and Welcome to Chancellor Grant and Thanks to the Installation Committee and Staff regarding her Installation Ceremony

SSR0316S:       Sense of the Senate Resolution regarding the firing of Mount St. Mary’s University Faculty

 SSR0416S:       Sense of the Senate Congratulating Men's and Women's Basketball teams

 SSR0516S:       Sense of the Senate regarding HB2

 SSR0616S:       Resolution of Faculty Senate Support for a Faculty-Initiated American Association of University Professors Chapter at UNC Asheville

 SSR0716S:       Sense of the Senate in support of the UNCA Student Government Association's Sustainability Resolution SSB­06­029

 SSR0816S:       Sense of the Senate regarding the work of the the Task Force on Student Rating Instruction and the creation of the Student Feedback on Instruction Task Force (SFI Task Force)

 SSR0916S:       Sense of the Senate Resolution regarding an Association of Retired Faculty and Administrators

 SSR1016S:       Sense of the Senate Resolution regarding an University of North Carolina Asheville Strategic Plan, 2016-2021