2013-14 Senate Documents

2013-2014 Faculty Senate Documents Spreadsheet

2013-14 Faculty Senate Legislation

SD0113F:       Certificate Procedure Additions (Faculty Handbook 5.4.2 Program Changes) (FWDC 13/IDC 4)

SD0213F:        Add new course prefix, WLNG, for World Languages (APC 99)

SD0313F:        Endowed Professorships (FWDC 2)

SD0413F:        Updating Sexual Harassment and Workplace Violence Policies (FWDC 3)

SD0513F:        Use of Department and Program Values Documents  (FWDC 4)

SD0613F:        Faculty Approval of Candidates for Graduation  (FWDC 5)

SD0713F:        Liberal Arts Core Implementation Proposal  (APC 1)
                          The proposal from the work of the Curriculum Review Taskforce

SD0813F:        Revision to Procedures for Faculty Grievance
                          (SD4089S, SD4189S, SD0710F, Faculty Handbook sections 3.6, 14.2) (FWDC 6)

SD0913F:        2013-14 Standing Rules and Rules of Order 

SD1013F:        Return MUSC 383 to Catalog with Change of Description  (APC 2)

SD1113F:        Delete GERM 115 and 125 from the curriculum  (APC 3)

SD1213F:        Delete EDUC 326 from the curriculum; (APC 4)
                          Replace EDUC 326 with PSYC 319 in the Elementary School (K-6) licensure area

SD1313F:        Change MATH 192 to a pre- or corequisite in ATMS 305, (APC 5)
                          Atmospheric Thermodynamics and Statics;
                          Change course description and add ATMS 305 as a pre- or corequisite to
                          ATMS 320, Meteorological Instruments



2013-14 Sense of Senate Resolutions

SSR0113F:       Sense of the Senate Resolution on System-wide Core Competencies (EC 1)

SSR0213F:        Sense of the Senate Resolution in support of the Faculty Assembly Resolution on System-wide Core Competencies (Faculty Assembly)

SSR0313F:        Sense of the Senate Resolution in support of the Faculty Assembly Resolution on Faculty Senate Communication with Board of Trustees (Faculty Assembly)