1979 - 1980

SD0179:  Catalog - Department of Literature & Language  (APC 1)

SD0279:  Procedures: Senate Action as University Policy

SD0379:  Charge of The Faculty Welfare Committee

SD0479:  Charge of The Institutional Development Committee

SD0579:  Charge of the Academic Policies Committee

SD0679:  Students ineligible for graduation because of low GPAs  (APC 2)

SD0779:  Course Approval - Department of Foreign Languages  (APC 3)

SD0879:  Catalog Changes - Developmental Studies Program  (APC #4)

SD0979:  Catalog Changes - Department of Philosophy  (APC 5)

SD1079:  Catalog Changes - Mathematics Dept. & Physics Department  (APC 6)

SD1179:  Catalog Changes - Department of Classics  (APC 7)

SD1279:  New Biology course  (APC 8)

SD1379:  Catalog Changes - Management Department  (APC 10)

SD1479:  Catalog Changes - Department of Art & Music  (APC 11)

SD1579:  Catalog Changes - Department of Literature & Language  (APC 12)

SD1679:  Catalog Addition - Economics Department  (APC 13)

SD1779:  Catalog Changes - Sociology Department  (APC 9)

SD1879:  Catalog Changes - Department of History  (APC 14)

SD1979:  Catalog Changes - Department of Physics  (APC 15)

SD2079:  Catalog Changes - Department of Psychology  (APC 16)

SD2179:  Course Changes - Department of Biology  (APC 17)

SD2279:  Catalog Revisions in Teacher Education Program  (APC 18)

SD2379:  HEGIS-code Programs (APC 19)

SD2479:  Resolution - Senate in favor of present mixed term-semester system  (FWC Res. 1)

SD2579:  Resolution - financial implications of a semester system versus the current system  (FWC Res. 2)

SD2679:  Resolution - Release Time  (FWC Res. 3)

SD2779:  Resolution - Release Time  (FWC Res. 4)

SD2879:  Resolution - Funding of ongoing administrative responsibilities for those with faculty rank from the administrative budget  (FWC Res. 5)

SD2979:  Resolution - Funds for Faculty Development  (FWC Res. 7)

SD3079:  Resolution - Summer School Budget  (FWC Res. 8)

SD3179:  Resolution - Administrative Position Priorities  (FWC Res. 9)

SD3279:  Resolution - Faculty Travel  (FWC Res. 10)

SD3379:  Resolution - Travel Freeze  (FWC Res. 11)

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