Index of Senate Documents


SD0102F:    Revision of UNCA Tenure Policies and Regulations (Revision of SD3502S)    (EC 1)

SD0202F:    Tenure Task Force Revisions to Faculty Handbook  (Revision of SD3602S)  (EC 2)

SD0302F:    Resolution Affirming the Faculty Senate's Mission in Support of Diversity (EC 3)

SD0402F:    Addition of AP credit for World History exam; non-duplication of credit for European and World History AP exams; change of AP credit for US History  (APC 1)

SD0502F:    Computer Competency in Psychology  (APC 2)

SD0602F:    UNCA Athletic Department Mission Statement (Revision of SD3801S) (EC 4)

SD0702F:    Proposal to modify the University's Academic Administrative Structure  (EC 5)

SD0803S:     Deletion of Prerequisites for SOC 357, 410, 446 (APC 3)

SD0903S:     Computer Competency Statement for Sociology (APC 4)

SD1003S:    Addition of Computer Competency in Physics; Elimination of Physics GRE requirement (APC 5)

SD1103S:     Changes in Prerequisites for PHYS 105 and PHYS 131 (APC 6)

SD1203S:     Catalog Changes in Economics (APC 7)

SD1303S:     Computer Competency for Environmental Studies (APC 8)

SD1403S:     Changes in Prerequisites for Environmental Studies (APC 9)

SD1503S:     Changes in Frequency of Course Offerings in Environmental Studies (APC 10)

SD1603S:     Change Concentration in Natural Resource Management to Concentration in Environmental Management and Policy; Change requirements for the concentration (APC 11)

SD1703S:     Changing EDUC 310 (4 hours) to EDUC 310 (3 hours) and EDUC 311 (1 hour) with editorial changes (APC 12)

SD1803S:     Changing EDUC 315 from a 4-hour to a 3-hour class; Addition of new course, EDUC 325 (APC 13)

SD1903S:     Deleting EDUC 332 and 382; renaming/renumbering to EDUC 322 and 388 (APC 14)

SD2003S:     Editorial corrections needed as a result of changes in Education (APC 15)

SD2103S:     Addition of computer (business technology) competency to the requirements for Accounting major; change in course description for ACCT 340 (APC 16)

SD2203S:     Change in degree competency in Management. Addition of computer (business technology) competency to the requirements for Management major; change in MGMT 491 course description (APC 17)

SD2303S:     Addition of computer (business technology) competency to the requirements for Industrial and Engineering Management major; change in course description for MGMT 492 (APC 18)

SD2403S:     Change in competency exam requirement for Accounting majors (APC 19)

SD2503S:     Delete ECON 210 as an elective for the financial accounting concentration (APC 20)

SD2603S:     Change to name and description for ACCT 319; change in prerequisites for ACCT 330 and 418 (APC 21)

SD2703S:     Change in scheduling for MGMT 316, 381 and 460; change in prerequisites for MGMT 480 (APC 22)

SD2803S:     Addition of a Minor Field of Concentration in Accounting (APC 23)

SD2903S:     Revision of pre- and corequisites for MUSC 128, 129, 201, 202, 301, 302, 331, 332, 231, 232, 131, 293, 294, 351, 353, 357, 384, 385 (APC 24)

SD3003S:     Change to descriptions for MUSC 101, 102, 131; addition of new course, MUSC 488 (APC 25)

SD3103S:     Computer competency in Music; changes to requirements for admission to major in music (APC 26)

SD3203S:     Revision of UNCA Athletic Department Mission Statement (Revision of SD0602F) (EC 6)

SD3303S     Change to Bachelor of Fine Arts Narrative (APC 31)

SD3403S:     Change to Middle School Licensure Requirements (APC 37)

SD3503S:     Computer Competency for History Majors (APC 27)

SD3603S:     Deletion of ATMS 115 and 303 (APC 28)

SD3703S:     Computer competency in Atmospheric Sciences (APC 29)

SD3803S:     Computer Competency for Philosophy Majors (APC 30)

SD3903S:     Changes to required courses for the BA in Art (APC 32)

SD4003S:     Changes to prerequisites and times offered for ART 101, 213, 221, 313, 321, 322, 390 (APC 33)

SD4103S:     Changes in course descriptions for ART 201, 240, 302, 340, 490-492 (APC 34)

SD4203S:     Deletion of ART 262 and 362 (APC 35)

SD4303S:     Computer Competency Requirement in Art (APC 36)

SD4403S:     Change to departmental statements regarding middle school licensure (APC 38)

SD4503S:     Change to course descriptions for MATH 215 and 216 (APC 39)

SD4603S:     Change in Social Studies Licensure (APC 40)

SD4703S:     Elimination of LR101 from the catalog and elimination of the University requirement of successful completion of Library Research as a prerequisite for declaring a major. (APC 41)

SD4803S:     Deletions of courses in Greek (APC 42)

SD4903S:     Changes to Latin courses (APC 43)

SD5003S:     Computer competency in Classics (APC 44)

SD5103S:     Changes to Requirements in Classics Concentrations (APC 45)

SD5203S:     Changes in Drama Declaration and Prerequisites (APC 46)

SD5303S:     Demonstration of Computer Competency in Literature and Language (APC 47)

SD5403S:     Changes to Title/Description of Lang 497: Senior Seminar in Creative Writing (APC 48)

SD5503S:        Change to Declaration of Humanities Minor (APC 49)

SD5603S:     Requirements for the German Major and Teacher Licensure (APC 50)

SD5703S:     Computer Competency for French (APC 51)

SD5803S:     Prerequisite changes in Psychology (APC 52)

SD5903S:     Addition of a statement of computer competency to Chemistry degree programs (APC 53)

SD6003S:     Prerequisite changes for Department of Chemistry courses (APC 54)

SD6103S:     Curriculum changes in Spanish affecting the mission statement and requirements for the major and minor; changes to course descriptions for SPAN 310, 320, 330, 332; deletion of SPAN 325, 340, 415, 425, 435, 445, 480, 485; addition of SPAN 300, 400, 410, 482, 495 (APC 56)

SD6203S:     Computer Competency in Mathematics; Changes to Math Licensure Requirements; Elimination of MATH 163 and 164 and the resulting editorial changes; Changes to times offered and prerequisites for MATH 211/212, 215/216, 332; Delete MATH 158 with resulting changes to K-6 licensure (APC 57)

SD6303S:     Multimedia Arts and Sciences Catalog Changes (APC 58)

SD6403S:     Changes in Prerequisites for BIOL 210, 211 (APC 59)

SD6503S:     Changes to requirements for Ecology and Environmental Biology (APC 60)

SD6603S:     Addition of Chemistry of the Environment Concentration to the BS Degree in Chemistry (APC 55)

SD6703S:     Proposal to Revise the Faculty Senate Constitution (EC 7)

SD6803S:     Proposal to establish the International Programs Advisory Committee as a Standing Committee (FWDC 1)

SD6903S:     Proposal to establish the Undergraduate Research Programs Advisory Committee as a Standing Committee (FWDC 5)

SD7003S:     Proposal to establish the Cultural and Special Events Committee as a Standing Committee (FWDC 6)

SD7103S:     Recommendation to Consider Academic Spouses/Partners in the Appointment of Faculty (FWDC 7)

SD7203S:     Proposal For a Revised General Education Architecture (APC 61)

SD7303S:     Proposal to establish the Animal Care and Use Committee as a Standing Committee (FWDC 3)

SD7403S:    Proposal to establish the Library and Media Services Advisory Committee as a Standing Committee (FWDC 10)

SD7503S:     Proposal to modify the purpose and membership of University Teaching Council (UTC) (Replaces SD1588S and SD3190S) (FWDC 11)

SD7603S:     Proposal to delete the Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee (FWDC 12)

SD7703S:     Proposal to establish the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee as a Standing Committee (FWDC 13)

SD7803S:     Proposal to establish the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee as a Standing Committee (FWDC 15)

SD7903S:     Proposal to establish the Honors Program Advisory Committee as a Standing Committee (FWDC 17)

SD8003S:     Proposal to establish the Radiation Safety Committee as a Standing Committee (FWDC 18)

SD8103S:     Proposal to establish the Sexual Harassment Advisory Committee as a Standing Committee (FWDC 19)

SD8203S:     Proposal to Revise the Women's Studies Advisory Committee (SD1991S) (FWDC 20)

SD8303S:     Proposal to establish the Teaching Fellows Advisory Council as a Standing Committee (FWDC 21)