Senate Document Number 0402F

Date of Senate Approval 11/14/02

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document 1:   Addition of AP credit for World History exam; non-duplication of credit for European and World History AP exams; change of AP credit for US History

Effective Date: Fall 2003

# 1
Add: On pg. 29, under the History category, following United States:

World 3, 4, 5 3 HIST 152 (D)

Delete: On pg. 29, HIST 152 as the course waiver for European History.

Add: On pg. 29, the course waiver for European History:

HIST 152 (D)

Add: On pg 29, in the "Notes" section following the AP listings:

(D) Students will not receive credit for both European and World History AP tests.

Impact: The addition of the new AP World History exam to the credits UNCA accepts will allow incoming freshmen to receive 3 hours of credit for successfully completing the test. Thus they will not need to repeat course work that they have already done in high school. It will also help UNCA attract better students who have had AP classes. It will not significantly affect our course offerings or staffing needs. Most students will not take both the European and World History tests; therefore, the impact of not awarding credit for both exams is minimal.

Rationale: The AP World History course was introduced into high schools in May of 2002. Currently UNCA accepts AP credit for European History (scores of 3-5) and United States History (scores of 4, 5). Granting credit for this new course is in line with current policy. In the History Department, we have reviewed the College Board AP World History Course Description and have determined that the content of the course (covering approximately AD 1000 to the present) best fits Hist 152: World Civilizations Since 1500. Since the content of the European History test is virtually the same as that of the World History test, it would be a duplication of coursework, and counter-productive, to grant credit for both courses, both of which satisfy the Hist 152 requirement.

# 2
Delete: On pg. 29, delete the entry for United States:
United States 4 3 HIST 101
5 6 HIST 101, 102

Add: On pg 29, add the following entry for United States:
United States 4, 5 3 HIST 102

Impact: This will reduce the disparity in credits awarded to students who score a 4 and a 5 on the AP US History Exam. There will be very little impact on courses of staffing.

Rationale: In the past we have granted three hours of history credit (Hist 102) to students who scored a 4 on the AP US History Exam and six hours of history credit (Hist 101 and 102) to students who scored a 5. We now feel that it would be more fair to simply grant Hist 102 credit to students who score either a 4 or a 5. We also feel that three college credits better reflects the level of historical understanding that even the best students in AP courses achieve.