Senate Document Number 8303S

Date of Senate Approval 05/08/03

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

FWDC 21:      Proposal to establish the "Teaching Fellows Advisory Council" as a Standing Committee

Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.30

Effective: Spring 2003


The Teaching Fellows Advisory Council is to act as the core of the campus Teaching Fellows Program by advising and making recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs concerning every phase of the program.


* Director of the Teaching Fellows Program, Ex Officio

* Director of Admissions acting as VCAA designee

* Director of Study Abroad

* Coordinator of Community Outreach

* Chair of the Education Department or his/her designee

* One faculty member, serving a one-year term, appointed by the VCAA

* One faculty member from and selected by the Honors Program Committee, serving a one-year term

* Four current Teaching Fellows, one from each class - elected by peers

* Two LEA representatives (to include at least one current classroom teacher who is a Teaching Fellow)

* Alum, chosen by the Teaching Fellows Director

* One Community Representative, chosen by the Teaching Fellows Director

Recommendations and Reports to: the VCAA

Faculty Handbook Impact: Change in current membership.

In 1987-88, the UNCA Chancellor and a committee of faculty and administrators made a proposal to the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Commission and the Public School Forum to be awarded participation in the newly created North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program. This proposal outlined the goals of the UNCA program, a campus program plan and the purpose of the established Teaching Fellows Advisory Council. In the cover letter, the Chancellor emphasized that UNCA was committing the resources of the entire institution including those of the offices of the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor to support the program. In his words, "This is to be an effort of the entire university that involves faculty from all departments as well as a broad spectrum of community leaders."