Senate Document Number 5603S

Date of Senate Approval 03/06/03

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document 50:        Requirements for the German Major and Teacher Licensure

Effective Date: Fall, 2003


Add: under the narrative paragraph for German, p. 114, the following paragraph:

In addition to the regular course offerings in German advanced students may also choose courses offered through the NC German Consortium. UNC-Asheville is a founding member of the Consortium, an organization consisting of eight universities within the UNC system that enhance their own German curricula through distance-learning arrangements. Each semester advanced students at the eight campuses may take one upper-level course taught by a faculty member at another member institution. UNC-A German majors regularly enroll in Consortium courses.

Impact Statement

a. This arrangement has no effect on major or minor or university requirements.

b. This arrangement has no impact on staffing needs for the German section.

The purpose of the Consortium is to make a wider selection of courses available to German students on the participating campuses. German sections at several UNC campuses are staffed by only one or 2 full-time faculty members.


Delete: under the heading Major in German, p. 114, under Number 1:

"or 435"

This is an editorial change that was not made in the previous catalog. The course in question has already been dropped from the catalog.


Delete: under the heading Major in German, p. 114, Number I:


Add in its place:


A change in the description of 485 necessitates a change in the numbering. Thus 485 becomes 484.


Delete: under the heading Major in German, p. 114, the entry under


Add in its place the following paragraph:

IV. Special departmental requirements--Oral competency: oral competency will be tested after GERM 320 by the assembled faculty in German. Capstone project: competency in German will be demonstrated by a capstone project consisting of research plus oral and written presentations on German language, literature, or civilization, to be carried out in GERM 425 or 484, as approved by the Department chair. Students must satisfactorily demonstrate oral competency before undertaking the capstone project. Computer competency: students demonstrate computer competency through completion of the capstone project.

Impact Statement

a. The proposed change will not affect major, minor, or university requirements.

b. The change will not affect present or future staffing needs or regular course requirements.

The proseminar requirement is essential to the German major. For the past several years the capstone experience has become increasingly individualized to better accommodate student needs and interests. Allowing students to complete the proseminar, capstone requirement in either GERM 425 or 484 provides the program with greater flexibility. The abilities and interests of students have changed considerably in recent years, due in large part to the fact that most majors spend a semester or year abroad.


Delete: under the heading German with Teacher Licensure, p. 115, under Number I:

"435, 485"



This change reflects the fact that 435 no longer exists and that 485 has been renumbered as 484.


Delete: on p. 116 the course entry:

"485 Proseminar (3)"

Add in its place the following:

484 Topics in German Studies (3)

Oral and written presentations on topics of German language, culture, and civilization. As needed.

Impact Statement

a. The proposed change will not affect major, minor, or university requirements.

b. The change will have no impact on present or future staffing needs or regular course offerings.

The change in title will provide students with a clearer idea of the nature of the course. "Topics" is clearer than "Proseminar", an outdated term that is as old as the German major at UNC-A. Henceforth the 2 400-level offerings (425, 484) will provide the framework to demonstrate competency and complete the capstone requirement. Students may choose from either course and from a wide variety of topics in either literature, language, or culture.