Senate Document Number 1903S

Date of Senate Approval 01/30/03

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document 14:   Deleting EDUC 332 and 382; renaming and renumbering them to EDUC 322 and 388.

Effective Date: Fall 2003

1. Delete: On pg 103, the entire entry for EDUC 332

Add: On pg 105, under the section entitled "The Professional Year":

388 Reading and Literacy Methods K-12 (4)
Designed to develop competencies in teaching reading. Covers the reading process, historical development, approaches, linguistics, word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and current trends. Field experiences required. To be taken as part of the Professional Year prior to the Student Teaching Semester (EDUC 455, 496). Prerequisites: EDUC 310, 311; PSYC 318; formal admission to the department. Fall and Spring.

2. Delete: On pg 104, the entire entry for EDUC 382

Add: On pg 103, new number and title:

322 Teaching Science K-12 (4)
Review and integration of basic scientific and mathematics concepts with emphasis on science; analysis of trends, laboratory experiences, classroom methods and management. Field experience required. Prerequisites: EDUC 310, 311. Fall and Spring.

Impact: No concurrences are necessary as this change does not affect any department other than Education. It will currently increase by one hour the number of semester hours a student takes for K-6 and Reading Licensures. However, we anticipate reducing the load by one hour for the 2004-2005 school year. This modification will require no substantive changes in departmental staffing needs or course offerings.

Changing EDUC 332 to the Capstone Course EDUC 388: EDUC 382 (new 322, Teaching Science) is currently Education's four-hour capstone course. This arrangement does not reflect the reality of the elementary public school classroom, where the main focus is placed on literacy and mathematics. Feedback from recent program completers and from faculty in UNCA's partnership districts (Asheville City, Buncombe County, and Henderson County Schools) indicates that this inconsistency should be remedied. Renumbering EDUC 332 to EDUC 388 and moving the study of literacy to the first semester of the Professional Year will help the K-6 program retain its alignment with the realities of public schools.

Adding an hour to new EDUC 388: The capstone course requires the UNCA faculty person to make onsite visits to observe the teaching of each student enrolled in the course. Since Foundations of Reading will be the capstone course, the fourth hour needs be added to it.

Teaching Science (new EDUC 322) is a 4-hour course and is currently part of both the K-6 and 9-12 Science Curriculum; changing the number of hours of EDUC 322 at this point would cause inconsistency between K-6 licensure seekers and 9-12 Science licensure seekers, so we are not asking to reduce the number of hours for EDUC 322 at this point.

3. Delete: On pg 104, the entire entry for EDUC 340

Impact: None.

Rationale: Course is no longer necessary.